No Q2 MIP results posted yet?

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  1. This must mean the news isn't good and the spin doctors are at work.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Might mean the numbers were too good and they are refiguring a way to keep the MIP suppressed ... maybe.
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    The 5 elements are known, the YTD through the 1st qtr status and numbers are known, now the 2nd qtr numbers are known and - the street guidance for eps has been lowered from 6-12% YOY to 3-7% YOY..... Using simple math and reasoning - I would say we are 5 of 5 below target. On the off chance they want one to be on plan, maybe end to end will be on target - its the only number not available to the public.

    If we hit the top end of the guidance, 7% YOY EPS growth, that's still 22.2% below target.

    looks like a 50-60% MIP this year IMHO.

    Of course, there will have to be some smoke an mirrors to get everyone to continue to work like dogs through peak, while 55 glen lake tries to figure out a new incentive plan for the higher ups to make up,for their lost wages. Kind of like the addition of the LTIP for 20's and higher when the LTI deteriorated to about 50% payout.

    ​Cynical me.
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    Jeepguy maybe right, 50% or lower. No need to spin anything at all. I am already dizzy from the insane plan they are planning me in.. Now here is a spin,, since we know or may know the MIP projection base on 1st and 2nd quarter results, how much effort should we give this 3rd quarter? 50%, because I have given my 100% on the 1st and 2nd quarter and it was not good enough.
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    Unfortunatly, I see the lack of effort all through the company right now - including my own. For me, the spousal exclusion was the last straw in a long string of management concessions. With the company setting the table for a sub-1.0 MIP and the rumors of the retirement age changing to 59, i believe that we have passed a point of irrepairable damage. Given the long string of concessions, I am now strongly believe that my pension - the real reason we all work so hard - won't be there. Instead, as the theory has been posted on this board, it will be bought out for pennies on the dollar. If we are going to model our compensation/benefits plan after those of other companies, then I think most of us are going to start modelling our effort and hours (and United Way donations)after the employees of those other companies. I have said for quite a while that I would I would take less money for less hours - looks like I will get what I wished for.
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    Hitting the nail on the head right there!

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    That is a very, extremely presumptive assumption on your part.

    There is probably much more to come ...
    ​there are a few ways in which 30 year F/T management is treated better than a 1 year P/T hourly.
    I can't think of any right now but I am sure there are many!
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    Hoaxter, are you still thinking? Let me help, Umm....never mind, you go first.
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    Now thats a little better Hoax :)
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