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    Benefits of not striking in 08. Once read that strikes in Europe were smarter because people went to work but were not as productive(slower), thus keeping their income coming. I remember a UPS contract many years ago where it took 1 to 2 years after the old contract expired to reach a new one(1980s). This also takes away UPS' ability to hire scabs if we go out. Some food for thought!
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    Here we go......................
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    I agree with that up to a point.
    The company will drag their feet if they know we won't strike.
    The company is hoping that we will all be up to our ears in debt and can't afford a strike....start saving now.
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    strike, natural disaster, sickeness, etc are all good reasons to always have some "just in case" money in savings. Most Americans are two paychecks away from total bankruptcy, don't be one of those people.
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    There is never a good reason to strike!
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    ja, Spoken like one of those two paycheck away dudes.

    I agree it probably is unlikely to be a good move in 2008 in light of the current economical and political situation as long as the company is even remotely reasonable, but stating there is never a good reason to strike is simplistically innacurate, unless you are in managment. [​IMG]
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    I have no hope of an easy happy time in 2008. I keep telling everyone, "Save your money, and have a plan!"
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    ok sorry not a two paycheck family by any means, just don't think the strike accomplished anything except I had the cleanest garage in town had to have something to do.
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    Just saying there is a large difference between whether the 97 strike was worth it or even had any benefit and saying there is never a reason to strike.

    For instance, if the company continues to make record profits despite the competition and in 08 they say, but the competition is just about to get us, really, so you guys are going to have to forego any raises for the next ten year contract, in fact seeing as we are making your job mentally simpler with PAS we are going to have to roll back your wages by ten bucks and hour, you will have to start paying $200 a month towards your medical premiums while also adding significantly higher co-pays and deductible limits because of the unending medical cost inflations which the company simply cannot sustain alone from now one and by the way overtime doesn't start until ten hours with straight time Saturdays manditory and oh yeah, the standards we set will be officially recognized from here on out and you are subject to discipline up to and including termination for being over two hours over allowed more than five times during any nine month period and there are going to have to be some concessions as well. [​IMG]

    Never say never.
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    After saying all of that I will also say I don't expect a strike and would hope it could be averted, even settled a year in advanced.

    However, the decision to strike or not should not be predicated on whether you can afford the wage loss, but whether you can afford to live with the new contract.
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    General Motors agrees to benefit concessions to save the company 3 billion dollars a year. Delphi (key supplier to GM) files for bankruptcy citing non competitive wages. They want at least a 50% pay cut, discontinue any benefits and release from their lagacy commitments (pension fund). Guys, the ball is already rolling. By 2008, big business and the George Bush may well have eliminated 30% of the middle class. And because this administration has never seen a spending opportunity it didn't like, they will want to raise taxes because nobody is making any money there by diminishing the tax base. Then the Chinese say they want their money back or they will have the North Koreans Nuke us! Can you say depression???

    Ohhh this is an exciting century already. Kinda sorry I brought any kids into this world to experience it.
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    Sorry to say, but I think you're right on target. I tell my friends that are still working to bail now, 2008 will be worse. At least you'll get your $2500+/month (CS) for a few years until the fund goes under.

    Given the current course (subject to change), I would expect a virtual pay cut in '08. The Teamsters will be a non-issue shortly after that.

    I wouldn't say 'depression', though it could happen, hefty inflation is more likely. Remember 13% mortages?

    I'm glad my kids are adults, and they've chosen not to procreate at this time, mainly due to the fears you've expressed.
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    Re: pay attention to the world

    Why do you people think UPS is no going to suffer? Our market share is way down the main reason for our profits are air and international. More tha half of UPS income is from non package investments. Look at te stock price and copare it to Fedx we earn more than them yet their shares are always about 30-40% higher. Just look at the airlines-steel mills-and auto industries do you think we are next?
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    WOW, the no strike in 08 thread turned into "That crazy guy on the street corner, holding up THE END IS NEAR sign" thread. Who knew UPS employees had so much riding on their shoulders? Guess I just won't have any kids....or maybe I'll even start regretting being born. Nuclear Apocalypse...OH NOES!!:lol:
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    Didn`t the government (Clintion) say no more strikes when we were out for two weeks because of the apparent effect on the economy ? Business was way to much effected ! I have a feeling people will more than likely not strike even whatever the union says ? Going on what i hear down here in the south anyway. $55 strike fund :w00t: If that didn`t cure them what is it now ? $56 :confused:1
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    I don't know anyone who wanted the strike in 97, the teamsters took it upon themselves to call that one just so they wouldn't loose control of the pension.
  17. krash

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    We voted for strike authorization. Plus, it was called because are "elected" rep's felt UPS wasn't bargaining in good faith. There was more to it than retirement. Don't believe the UPS propaganda. I myself was concerned with more FT jobs. Which we got.
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    Well now you know someone who voted for the strike in 97 ME.
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    At the time we took the '97 Strike Vote, I think that everyone thought it was just a bargaining tool, that we wouldn't actually go out. It also seemed that the Full-time Package Drivers were slowly being replaced by Cover Drivers. The Cover Driver position has been badly abused by the company in my opinion. They were originally only to cover vacations and injured/sick employees. Recently our Local won thirty seven new FT Package jobs in one of the Atlanta Hubs by attacking that very issue.

    I think the main issue will be doing something about the Pension Issue, plus the rise in healthcare costs. And people will think hard about voting for a strike after what happened ten years ago. Those of us in Central States are particularly concerned with our retirement, I hope to be able to retire myself on the last years of the next contract. This is an old thread that was brought back to life, its a little too early to worry right now about it. I hear rumors most of the new contract is done, but these are rumors and we will just have to wait and see.
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    "At the time we took the '97 Strike Vote, I think that everyone thought it was just a bargaining tool, that we wouldn't actually go out." (Scratch)

    Gee Scratch, I hope people remember this and not 'blindly' vote for a strike this time. A vote should hang on knowing all the details first.....and then voting.