Non-union Amazon has higher starting wages with similar and a few better benefits than unionized UPS....this is what will break the union


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Key word here is NEW. Amazon is only starting people at that wage because of two things. They are burning through employees at a alarming rate and because they are trying to pull from other companies the small amount of people that are actually looking for work.

Just like UPS in certain areas.

Only for FT employees

Not for all schools. Only for Amazon education partners. Also all the stipulations have not come out yet. I have not heard if this is for PT or FT or both.

Only if you work 20 hours or more a week. Also not nearly as good as UPS benefits.

Need just one punch.

Sounds good to me.

Keep cheerleading for now union companies and RTW laws. That's going to really help in the long run. SMH
The company match for the 401k is good, i wish ups did something like that


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Local 89 has 15,836 members, in the 2016 election only 3,799 voted.

Hoffa won by only 6,024 votes.

If Zuckerman had more clot in Canada he would of won easily.

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Members to sorry to vote for a negotiated contract.
A sad commentary (as always) for members. The lack of solidarity has always been celebrated by the company.