Non-union Amazon has higher starting wages with similar and a few better benefits than unionized UPS....this is what will break the union


In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier
Members to sorry to vote for a negotiated contract.
A sad commentary (as always) for members. The lack of solidarity has always been celebrated by the company.

It has always been that way...members have just given up...

It is just not the teamsters... the two Unionists candidates are running for an office that pays under 400,000 a year ... the CEOs of most American Corporations clear that in a week..

The labor laws have been inadequate, and the Unions has been neutered thru corruption and greed...the Corporations will always have the final say..just follow the politics in Washington on both sides and see where their priorities are, it is all about power and the money and guess who has that advantage.