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    Is there some type of signature that must be signed for different reasoning's for occurrences? From what I knew, before the 31th of last month I was sitting at 0. and was not told this until I asked to check my pits book, since two crew members were checking our theirs.

    On the 31st, which was a Monday. I arrived at 11:25pm at the parking lot, and it took over 35 minutes just to arrive at my Wings clock-in station. Usually it takes roughly 10-15 minutes if the trams are on good pace. But, I sat with over roughly 80 other employees for 20+ minutes waiting on the second pick-up station for the tram.

    My Wings Parking-lot at Local 89. We arrive at a parking-lot, hop on a tram. The tram takes us to a different Guard-shack, then we wait for a second tram to drive us to our needed destinations. Right now, I'm trying to fight this occurrence, due to it being transportation issues on UPS's behalf.

    Also, are management or supervisors suppose to notify us if we were given one? Because I was not told anything.

    There's a lot of screw ups at my work area. I was given vacation days, on the same week I worked. Because some blind Sup, saw myself and a employees that's been there for 17 years last names the same and probably couldn't remember who took off. So, put us both.
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    There should be ugh

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    If it goes in your file you should have been notified and been with a steward when it happened. I would request a steward meeting and discuss your options with him/her. Then act accordingly by filing a grievance on it being in your file with a request to have it removed.
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    Ugh, ugh, ugh!