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    we have a new center manager now, who i have a lot of respect for,i dont want to go over his head becuase of the respect thing. My getting drivers off theyre trucks could be more productive but im failing,so im going to new center manager tommorrow and if he gives me wrong answer i go over his head.I made this mistake before,going over a sups head with no knowledge.but this time he will know my intentions.i had to take a break from my quest ,because managment were tryng to fire me,but F that im not giving in,our union sterwarts days are numbered,no offence to him personally but f this i ,along with many other drivers they pay $65 a month or more for union dues and we have no balled stewarts who should just quit and bring in someone with some nuts. U may think im an idiot from some of my posts but trust me i have a fallowing in Toronto and it will spread,i know more people at UPS in Canada than most,i have delivered alll over Canada,i care about the company and what we stand for.
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    i'm so confused......
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    im trying to get all drivers off there trucks before starrt time,in canada
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    WOw you must be really :censored2: off. Dont make any bad choices otherwise everybody will have to take sensitivity classes afterwards:funny:
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    wat....JF needs to come in and c/p this in better english
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    u have no idea what your typing about so dont chime in
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    No one has any idea what you are typing about!
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    When did this become a porn site ?
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    I dont know how to read Canadian!!! EH.
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    Good Luck,
    It ain't gonna happen.
    I can only hope that your presentation, to the powers that be, is in a concise, clear form.
    I appreciate your zeal.
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    Seal sounds like you need to be the guy that raises hell.
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    I hope you don't talk the same way you write.No one will listen to you.
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    Our center has a new center manager whom I have a lot of respect for. I am hesitant to go over his head but will do so if need be. I have been having a hard time ensuring that drivers do not get in their pkg cars prior to start time. I made this mistake once before, going over a sups head without his knowledge, but this time he will know my intentions. I had to put my quest on hold as I was fighting to keep my job but I am not going to let that deter me this time. Our shop stewards are basically useless and we are paying $65 each month and deserve better. You may think I am an idiot after reading some of my posts here but I care about the company and what we stand for and will use my many contacts throughout UPS Canada to ensure that no one is allowed to start working before their shift starts.

    This should be a little easier to read. Sealbasher, I admire your enthusiasm but perhaps Sealbasher should worry about Sealbasher and let mgt do their job(s).
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    If everybody @ ups would do there job the right way by methods they would have to hire more people, walk dont run and use your dolley all the time.Do the same job every day within 15 mins of schedule.
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    Hey u make more on overtime than u do in bonus.
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    Whats or who is Stewart????
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    Depends on your location.