Orlando -what is going on?

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  1. Why is Orlando area suddenly "under curfew"?

    Other drivers in Florida are staying out yet Orlando has suddenly declared a "curfew" of 9:00PM and suddenly went to "11 hours including lunch" at 3:330 this afternoon!

    Why did we have to sign a DOT form that says we work 14 hours on road, yet we suddenly can not go over 11 hours?
    Something is going on around here-anybody know what it is?
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    I could only "guess" its a safety issue. Parts of Fla. are not the safest for delivery people to be knocking on doors at 830pm at night.
    In a town near me, Campbell, last week a guy came to the door with his gun, and shot the guy dead, that knocked on his door. Granted the guy was trying to rob him, and checking to see if anyone was home, but the driver is in that area that time of night. I feel it is a safety issue in certain parts of anytown USA. Keep us posted.
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    Besides the last few days of peak we should never be out knocking on doors that time of nite. Many people are in bed or trying to get there kids in bed by then. I have been met by angry people for delivering that time of night. I would just as soon be home with my family by then.
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    That "time of night" is common for me year round.
    It is also common for me to see people with guns in their hands(very rural) when I drive up at "dark thirty".
    I don't blame them.
    The driver running part of my route last week could not believe someone came out of the shadows with a shotgun when he drove up at 9pm.
    Shook him up pretty good.
    It's the backwood trailers with pit's chained around the front door that spook me after it gets dark.
    To UPS, it is just a delivery.
    To me, it is just a daily reality.
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    Geez Sat, your area sounds like a couple of the ones that I swing drive on. I don't do pits after dark. I honk, wait, honk wait, honk wait and no one comes to the door. NI 1 see ya tomorrow.
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    It sounds like you and I have the same type of area to run. I also have the pit bulls chained around the houses in my area but it is either a redneck house or a meth lab here.
    My helper and I had a gun pulled on us last year at peak in a high dollar area. I was required by UPS to file a report with the sheriff. The old guy came to UPS complaining about the mean driver that wuld no longer come to his house. He also said that he did not own a gun. My boss pulled out the copy of my report against him- then pulled out the report that Fed Ex had filed 6 weeks prior to me! The neighbors tell me that he drinks until he blacks out and that he has no memory of what he does. Yikes
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    I don't think we have any business being out and delivering at that time of night. For any reason, any time of year, anyplace. I am amazed that more "bad things" don't happen than do. It will take someone getting killed to change things. Just hope it isn't me or someone I know.

    As much as some people want their pkgs, most would rather wait until the next day as opposed to being wakened out of a sound sleep to answer the door.

    There was a time when people would not be scared to death to answer their door late in the evening. Of course, in those days, the odds of you actually delivering at that time of night were pretty slim. While I have never been met at a door with someone pointing a gun at me, I have been followed for up to an hour by a car full of people. I pointed out to a customer that I was delivering to, that I was sure that car going down the road would stop and turn around at anytime. Sure enough it did. He offered me one of his guns, but I declined. I made my one last stop and drove like a maniac towards the town the center was located in. Eventually they turned off. That's as close as I want to get to feeling like that again.

    This should be my last peak. I won't miss it.
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    Remember that we cannot work more than 60 hours in a work week. This is why in my hub we get between 11 and 12 hour curfew everyday. Also an eleven hour curfew gives you enough hours left over at the end of hte week that you can still work saturday if they need you to.
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    Yes, DOT regulations, you can not drive more than 11 consecutive hours at a time without showing downtime and breaks, and I believe in feeders you can only work a 14 hour day or more once in a 7 day work week cycle. Going on memory though, I do have regulations somewhere in my tractor pouch.
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    eleven hours including lunch with a 9 pm curfew? You guys starting work at 10 am?
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    no more then 11 hours drive time in one day. No language on it being consecutive. 11 hour rule directed towards feeder drivers not package car drivers. package car drivers do not drive over 150 miles from their building and therefore do not need to track their drive time. If they did it would be an absolute nightmare. Imagine logging every time you drove to your next stop as drive time then logging the time spent delivering the package as on duty time.

    14 hour rule should apply to all drivers. You can not work more then 14 hours in a day measured from punch to punch. It does not matter if you take a five minute meal or an hour you can not work more then 14 hours from punch to punch.

    You must be off at least 10 hours before you can start your next work day.

    no more then sixty hours in a week. you reset after you have been off 34 consecutive hours. When you reset you start over with a fresh sixty hours.

    many delivery centers use a twelve hour rule to make it easy to control hours. the logic being if you never work more then twelve hours in a day then you can not violate by working more then sixty hours in a week.
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    ".....last week a guy came to the door with his gun, and shot the guy dead, that knocked on his door. Granted the guy was trying to rob him,"

    Nice job to the homeowner.

    "It is also common for me to see people with guns in their hands(very rural) when I drive up at "dark thirty".
    I don't blame them."

    Me too. It is only prudent. I have answered the door at night with my hand on my gun (behind my back) several times.
  14. over9five

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    "You can not work more then 14 hours in a day measured from punch to punch."

    Uhhhhh........I've exceeded 14 hours twice within the past week.
    Once was a breakdown, and they sent a sup out to drive back.
    The other was just too much work!


    Really, tho, Ties explanation of hours is dead-on.
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    geez...they don't let us go over 9.5...what company do you guys work for?
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    My start time is 9:45.
    I then load my truck from a drop trailer.
    The last time study took away any time allowance for loading my truck.
    I am dispatched by the PAS based on "On Road" hours.
    With the new time study, what use to be a 10hr day is now less than an 8hr day.
    I have taken no heat from management for running over 1hr everyday.
    My sporh can not be matched, but I daily come close to hitting the curfew.
    The main problem I have is that my route is so rural. Most of my customers have to get up very early to commute to work. 9 o'clock is bed time for them.
    My customers are cool with getting their stuff while they are wearing their pajamas, but I think it is a poor business practice on our part.
    Not to mention, I would like to come home after work and not have to see my wife in her pajamas, wondering when I will get home.
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    I was out til 9pm. many of my houses were old people who are afraid to answer after dark. I try to get there before, If not I remember I have one for them the next day.......and pull from trace to deliver..........service, eh, hmm remember those days........
    well I do.
    As far as pit bulls, almost every stop, seems like every thread turns to dogs, but it is a problem...........that isnt addressed.
    Im not.............. quote me, NOT going there. Just like bad neighborhoods, where the dogs are not addressed. I will not get out of the truck when there is a loose dog anywhere near. Biscuits, screw that, they eat em faster than I can move. I feel it is a real issue, but since no one has been killed or maimed, it is not a safety issue. I had 3 tonight. Im sure it looks like I didnt make an attempt, heck yes I did, im not trusting that I will make it away from the porch . Im not trying. I would sooner walk through a gang of thugs than dogs. It should be an issue with the safety committee it isnt, and no I am not joining, they will turn a blind eye as it isnt every route. Its just a few. They would rather worry about who isnt using a handrail, or the 3 points of contact, which is important, than who could get shot, killed, maimed. raped, assaulted, doing their job. And still being in those hoods at 9pm................We should not be out there that late. Hell Ill work til midnight for 45 bucks an hour, but it is time to address real safety issues instead of playing ring around the rosy, everything is cozy, nothing is really bad out there, its just bad drivers. Give me a break, address the news media, take into account of the drivers being held and robbed at gunpoint,or blocked in, it happend last yr, to me and others, we got away, what happens when we dont, whos lap will it be in? Why doesnt anyone care at UPS???? Why does it look like it is just a rare few who have problems and it must be them?? For instance, what do other cities do, who are in the top ten most dangerous cities??? There was another thread on this topic, but I saw no real concrete answers. What is the procedure in Detroit, St Louis, etc? Do they address it or hope it goes away. Do they shove it under the rug? Or do we have teams, or do they get them off the road? Why is the answer always the same? Just be careful, but dont run late...............it takes time to be careful and it isnt in the allowance...................Thanks Brown Cafe for lettin me rant.
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    Rant away,Toon.
    You address the problems in the city.(Praise the great Ju Ju in the sky, that I do not live near one)
    How about being in the country where your cell phone doesn't work and you have no DIAD.
    The next house is over 2 miles away and something bad happens to you at 8:30 at night and you have no way to communicate to the outside world.
    Pretty much you are just SOL, and have to depend on your own devices.
    The procedure that I have noticed ,for the last 21yrs, is for the company to be reactive instead of proactive when it comes to the safety of the drivers in dangerous areas.
    If you get hurt or worse, they will be there "Johnny on the Spot", but give little consideration to having sent you into the fray.
    OK, that's my rant.
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    You can be extended past the 14 hours for some unforseen event such as a breakdown. One extension between resets. Not two:wink2:
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    9.50 is the cut off here.