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Obviously, working here part time isn't cutting it so my question to all of you part time package handlers is what do you do for money? Do you have one or more other jobs? How do you work them around your schedule? I work day shift, which they told me is 10AM-3PM, but we've had start times as early as 9AM and I'm told that we can be there past 5PM during peak season. How can you work another job around it and what kind of jobs do you guys recommend?


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The smart play is night school. Let UPS finance your education. I've seen way too many inside guys who have spent too many years in the back going nowhere fast.

Dont be that guy.


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Honestly, when you get into it, it's not that bad. It's hard work but you'll be trained on how to handle it. Once you know a few routes it's less about thinking and more about execution.

You should try it, the pay will get you on your feet in no time. You're 31 with no plan, it's time to do what men do at that age. Man up and figure something out to take care of your family.

I'm coming from a place of brotherly love btw I know folks like to flame in here but I can relate to your situation.


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Also, do you know anything about the part time package delivery driver jobs they have open online? Everything I've read implies that it is mostly just a scam to get people to work inside, which I am already doing...


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That's all new to me, I have no idea.

The wait to drive depends on your area. In some area it takes years in others less than a year.

I've gone full time on two separate occasions in two different regions. In both cases it took me 7 months. Your mileage may vary.


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I am just going to go ahead and say it. Quit while you can. Don’t waste your time man. You can go get an easier and better paying job at Uber or Lyft while trying to figure out what you WANT to do for a living. Unless you seriously enjoy the job, you need to quit and go do something different.

I’ll put it like this, if it was early 2000’s or earlier, then it would maybe be worthwhile to stay and retire early or something. But the truth is UPS isn’t what it used to be. I worked here for a year and a half as a part-timer. Worked a solid 10-11 hour day construction, would drive an hour to work 4 hours at the hub, then an hour home at night. It took a year in a half to realize I was working my ass off for people who didn’t care about me, didn’t pay me enough, and “putting in time” to get a job that 1. I didn’t even want and 2. Might not even get.

I wanted the $36 an hour after 4 years or whatever. Finally realized I can make that doing what I enjoy doing, not something I hate. But what my breaking point was when I was in the air trailer and got blamed three times in 2 weeks for other people’s mistakes. After having the center manager yell at me and the other sup and get in our way as if his screaming and panicking was going to make the 100+ lb irreg packages get up the stairs/chute and into the air package car any faster, then getting blamed for a envelope that the supervisor misplaced, I put my 2 weeks in.

This was all after I called out one day a couple weeks before. I rarely missed time, yet they treated me as if I always did after that. Even warned me that it was NOT okay to go to your first job and not come to THIS JOB! Oh I didn’t realize people didn’t get sick but have to pay their bills.

The 2nd day of my 2 weeks notice period I overheard that they were surprised I even showed up the day before. That night before, of course they let all the lazy people that only work that job and live with their mom and dad go home and make the guy that works 2 jobs stay the latest. Lol.

After having my trailer get slammed with boxes and I could finally get cleaned up, I get treated as if I had never worked their before and told “what are you doing? Help your neighbor!!!” That was when I walked out and never looked back. Dodged a bullet. Would’ve been a good year in a half till I was eledgible to drive due to a reckless driving ticket 2 years before. Seeing guys who had 4 years in being laid off as drivers was also very discouraging. Their careers being toyed with and uncertain futures always in their head. Met many of drivers who came in after a long day saying how they never get to see their family and that they hate there job. It was so sad.

Anyways, figured I’d share my story with you. As I said, if you enjoy this, then by all means keep doing you. But if youaren’t feeling it, apply your efforts toward something more promising andworthwhile. Thank me later!

EDIT: I copied and pasted this from a post I made to another person asking for advice. Look my man, if you have the work ethic to work this and another full time job, please please please go apply that to doing what you want to do. You will be able to accomplish so much more.

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I am just going to go ahead and say it. Quit while you can. Don’t waste your time man.

Can’t disagree. If the 2018 Contract pushes through in its current form, the new entry point to full time work at UPS will be 22.4 driving. And their lower pay and lack of Article 37 protections indicates they’ll be totally open to overtime abuse and harassment (since harassment grievances will be watered down for everybody too).

I think back at how long it took me to go FT, and also how bad overtime abuse of full timers can already get if they don’t choose to use their protections. And 22.4s won’t have any protections, ever. Talk about a miserable life.

Even if it were worthile to put in the time necessary to go full time as a 22.4, the idea that they’ll probably be driven straight into the ground with constant 12-14 hour days does indeed sound like a strong incentive to go ahead and find a better life elsewhere.

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I went to work at 0330 hours in the morning on the preload, at 1000 hours I was at my second job ( full time )
until 1900 hours. Seven years, rinse and repeat.

10 years of swing driving before I got a bid route.


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Quite a few of the PT package handlers here do Uber or Lyft. Surprisingly they do pretty well for themselves.