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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Doubleparkedrunner, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Doubleparkedrunner

    Doubleparkedrunner Active Member

    What constitutes overallowed harassment or put another way ; when is the time that a sup goes over the line talking about these fictitious fairy tale land numbers they expect.

    I personally don't care and either don't pay attention or just act civil and smile and nod sometimes replying with a chit eating grin that
    " I am just doing best boss" .

    But I was just wondering what the " breaking point" would be for you guys to file a grievance or get a steward present. More so wondering about the grievance part as I want to file one at the earliest instance possible in the future.
  2. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    I am doing the best I can.... in the safest manner possible.
  3. olroadbeech

    olroadbeech Happy Verified UPSer

    I used to tell them to go with me on a ride along and show me how to do it better. Every time they went it usually took about 45 minutes longer than my usual time because we did everything by the book. methods , safety etc.

    They left me alone for the most part until some time went by and it was the flavor of the month again. Never had to file harassment on it. Just be professional and tell them what BigUnionGuy said and mean it.
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  4. Doubleparkedrunner

    Doubleparkedrunner Active Member

    Ok sounds good. thanx for he replies. That's pretty much the line I was and will be taking in the future. Just wondered if you ever bothered to actually file. I'm not even worried about any of it , was just curious. thanx again.
  5. von kaiser

    von kaiser Knock, drop, and roll

    Confronting you on road when you’re unable to have a steward around, sending ODS messages that threaten discipline, calling/texting you on your personal phone about production.
    I’d file a harassment grievance for any of these.
  6. Box Ox

    Box Ox Well-Known Member

    So when did you become a feeder driver?
  7. Tony Q

    Tony Q Well-Known Member

    I can tell you this. There will not be another union in the private sector with better harassment language than you have. Check back in with me in a little while and we can talk about it on here.
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  8. Tony Q

    Tony Q Well-Known Member

    And if anyone doesn't like it you will have to be deemed unreasonable.
  9. Limper

    Limper Out For Delivery

    Does anybody else feel a little creepy reading this guys posts? He talks about being a “good teamster” and being “deemed unreasonable”

    I feel like 1). I”m being hustled, or
    2). Nazi Germany 1940 get on board
  10. KoennenTiger

    KoennenTiger Active Member

    What is the problem you are having? Are you getting missed deliveries? Are you just running over allowed?

    The real problems come if you have missed savers or missed NDA and you are running ground.

    How far over allowed are you? Is this an industrial route where you drop 400 pieces and pick up 400 more and the :censored2: system gives you 7 hours for a route that you can never finish in less than 9?

    As far as playing nice with management? The way to do that is to go have a good conversation with your steward and if you are messing up some way then fix that.

    What other problems could you be having? You running a lot of resis and you don't yet have the area knowledge to be able to go without checking out Google maps and making plans in your head?
  11. BlackCat

    BlackCat Active Member

    I take it one step further.

    I ask for a full day demonstration by a supe so I can observe.

    I have never had one take me up on the offer.
  12. DOK

    DOK Well-Known Member

    Honestly they don’t say a word about it in our center, haven’t for about 5 years. It’s over the top safety talk.
  13. MenInBrown

    MenInBrown Well-Known Member

    We cannot be disciplined for performance so first thing I hear about it, it gets filed.
  14. john chesney

    john chesney Well-Known Member

    I always ask for a couple hours added to my time study. Then I blame it on everyone else but me. They haven’t talked to me in years about that though. Probably because they know I don’t give a flying, crispy :censored2:.
  15. Scottyhawk

    Scottyhawk What is it? A brown box. Duh

    Cannot be disciplined on production!!