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    I've been working at ups for about 7 months now and I'm just about to take this mapp test. As for me I'm an 18 year old engineering student. Will the test be centered primarily around simple facts and figures or will it be more of a psychological evaluation? Also I would be taking over and area on the TDP, so no boxlines for me, is TDP supervising usually a better experience?
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    You may want to ask your immediate supervisor about the MAPP process. There are no easy areas to supervise at UPS. If you pass and take the position, be open minded to your supervisor's instruction and be mindful and respectful of your hourly employees, as they do the job daily, and you will be newly promoted.

    You will be challenged and tested in your new work area by UPS management and hourly employees. If you have a good head on your shoulders, you'll be fine

    Continue to pursue your engineering degree, regardless if you stay at UPS or not.

    Good Luck
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    As an 18 year old you will have to earn the respect of both your mgt peers and the hourly employees who will most certainly try to take advantage of you due to your age and lack of experience, not just at UPS but in general. Keep your wits about you, don't let the hourlies walk all over you while also remaining mindful that you need them to ensure the success of your operation. Don't hesitate to ask for advice from both mgt and the hourlies.
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    Do they still make the potential pt sup do the test where they put square pegs in round holes?

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    I was a part time sup for 3 years, when I left (thank god) to go driving, a lot of hourlies were mad that I wasn't staying on in management. I had earned everyones respect and they had trusted me to do the right thing.
    8 years since then, I still have some of them asking when I'm coming back.
    It took me a bit to get used to the whole system and earning your workers trust was big in making my experience a happy one
  6. No, now they make sure they can color while staying in the lines and they learn how to talk to hourlies by observing elementary school children on the playground.