package handler, wanting to move out of state for full time job

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    I was at UPS Freight for about 2 years and I got laid-off. While laid-off, I got a job at UPS small pack, as a part time package handler. For about a year now. The suppose wait for a driver job is 5 years. I have been looking for full time posting ever since I got laid-off. How would I go about moving centers? Do I call the local union out there? Or the Hub, HR?
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    Try asking your H/R
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    Thanks, management sucks at this company. But honestly I have no college degree, where else can you go making this kind of money? Thanks for the advice

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Extremely tough to move from a center.
    The good news is you didn't put to much time into this center.
    Talking to HR would be your only hope, but that may be roadblocked.

    With a CDL, you should be able to find something good eventually.
    I'd stay the course personally.
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  5. BB-8

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    So I am PT, I seen a FT position in NV. I called the Teamsters local out there, but the business rep is out . Once I get a hold of someone do I tell them my intentions of quitting here, if it means I am 100% chance of getting hired there? How do I get an HR number? . I live in WI by the way. I know I sounds stupid but I guess I am looking for a blue print of how to do it.
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    There are centers out there in the middle of nowhere that can't get drivers because no one wants to go there. Glendive and/or Cut Bank MT are some examples. Get your foot in the door and transfer after you've completed your progression. Feeders would be perfect for you. Your gonna have to do your research but those positions are out there.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    How were you able to get a job at small package while laid off but still employed at freight?
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    I was at UPS Freight. It was winter, and I got a call from the Terminal Manger saying, Quote " There's no work for you such and such are going to be on the dock now since you're the bottom guy on the poll you're going to be laid off, I'll call you when I need you" After calling weekly to see if there's any work and calling my local, I went on UPS, and applied for a package handler, It wouldn't let me apply right away because it said I was already employed at UPS. I emailed HR on their website, explained the situation, couple days later I got a phone call from HR and explained the deal. now here I am.
  9. silenze

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    They just posted a bid sheet for 4 full time openings out of elm grove and another 4 full time in oak creek.
  10. Brownslave688

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    I was told 5 years also and it was under 2.

    I would stick around if I were you.
  11. Brisket

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    Same as the above poster, I was told 5-6 yrs, and it was a year for me.

    Do what you have to to try and stick it out if possible is my 2 cents.