Paid Time Off Question

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  1. When do part timers receive paid time off for the first time? Is it 6 months or a year?
  2. Fredly000

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    One year.
    Not counting the 8 paid holidays(you get those whenever they are)
  3. i just had my 1 yr anniversity and have not gotten any paid holidays
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    I think you have be actually out a day before the pay you for it
  5. rngri4

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    You should've gotten to bid on your vacation week at the end of last year, usually around the first or middle of December. You then get the option of bidding your week of sick pay, or using it when you call in. If you bid it, you do not get paid for sick time. If you kept it, you do. So basically, after one year, you will get two weeks, which is one week of biddable vacation and one week of sick time. Also, if you don't bid your sick time, and don't use it, you will get paid for it at the end of the year.