Part-Time AM Air driver question.


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Which is exactly what our EAM drivers are. PT bid AM air drivers. After EAMs everything else is considered extra work, 10:30 and 12:00 air commits and is given out by seniority. Bid air drivers grieved me coming in and working and lost. Seniority prevails for extra work.
No 3 hour guarantee?

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No 3 hour guarantee?
The Union agreed with the company and said if air drivers want their 3 hour guarantee they had to finish up on the preload for lack of work. So they either take their time coming back or act like they are working on the preload for a half hour or leave depending on their economic situation. Or their coziness to management.


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I was part of the first EAM Air driver test phase back in 1992.
What a mess of screw ups that was.
I had a sup from Chicago along for the ride for two days.
They had set it up this way- random parcels were selected within the normal shipments coming into Boston's Logan Airport. No one at the Gateway was aware of them, so they ended up in the regular loads.
I drove out to the airport to meet the plane with the sup only to find out that it was a wasted trip.
Drove back to WATMA, found the packages and went to Boston to make the stops.
Only issues was that the selected stops did not open until 10am.
So basically I was a tour guide, showing the visiting sup Boston.
One thing he had never seen was our FT drivers walking into the building wearing their browns.
{ The union once asked if UPS would pay for the time it took the drivers to change everyday, UPS said NO, so we get to wear our browns home }