"Part-time wage increases"

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    I was reading that "UPS Date" mailing that I received from the Union, regarding highlights from the new contract.

    The last sentence in this section confuses me.

    First, what is "progression"? Second, what does "no less than what they would be entitled to" mean? Does it mean... all current part-time employees who make less than the new minimum will be bumped up to the new minimum, but anyone who makes more will remain at their current pay rate. Or, does that mean that all current part-time employees will receive a $1.50 raise?

    Also, regarding the general wage increase- I will hit my 2-year mark mid-August. Will I be starting off at the very first .70, or will I be getting the third, ready for .80 the following year, and 1.00 after that?

    Thanks in advance.
    (This post assumes that the proposed contract will pass.)
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    progression is a 4 year period that all new part-time employees go through at the beginning of their employment with UPS . I believe the progression is 50 cents for the first for years , after those first four years the employee would get the same raises as all senior employees do . While I cant seak with 100% certainty , I believe that the new contract will bump all those employees whom are not currently making the 10 or 11 dollar mark will nowbe moved upto 10-11 dollars an hour .
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    Progression is basically the first 4 years of employment. On August 1st, you will receive the 70 cent raise. Then, when you hit your 2 year mark you will be guaranteed to make at least the following:
    Seniority plus two (2) years Preloader-$12.00, All Others $11.00

    If you not already making this amount, your pay will be adjusted accordingly.

    I would ask you to please read some of the other post here on the Brown Café. You will see that once again the part timers, especially the new hires are getting screwed again. We need to get any and all part timers to vote NO on this proposal and send it back to the negotiating table.

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    With this TA, I don't like how a PTer that's been with the company 1-3 years will be making near identical pay as a new hire. I don't like that at all.
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    You also have to realize it is only a $.50 raise. Starting pay is 8.50 now (9.50 for skilled) then after 90 days you get $1 so (9.50 and 10.50) with the TA they are getting rid of the 90 day raise and you will be at $10 ($11 Skilled) for a year then $.50 more each year for the 4 years of progression.. What a JOKE
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    It isn't fair jibbs. When I was hired in '83 it was right after the contract passed. This was the year of the two tiered wage that passed. Anyone hired under the previous contract started at $8.00 and hour and after six months I believe was bumped up to $13.00. Yes $13.00. I was hired at $8.00 an hour and that bump up was eliminated in the new contract. I am still playing catchup to this day. Those employees even with the extra bump we got in previous contracts are still making $3.00 an hour more then me....just because they were hired a few months before I was. This is thirty years later and I am still feeling the injustice of this contract amendment. It will be the same for all of you if you pass this contract. You can look up the contracts before the '82 contract if you want to read it for yourself. It sucks and UPS keeps taking and taking. I'm voting NO.
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    Progression is not a 4 year period. It is simply the term used to describe a new hire as they progress through the new hire wage increases.

    Current employees with 0-4 years will no longer be in progression come Aug 1 and will be covered by the GWI.
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    As I've posted in other threads:

    (*these figures do not include the $1 premium, which will be maintained)

    Old Progression
    * start: $8.50
    * after 90 days: $9.50
    * after 1 year: $10
    * after 2 years: $10.50
    * after 3 years: $11
    * after 4 years: $11.87

    New Progression:
    * start: $10
    * after 1 year: $10.50
    * after 2 years: $11
    * after 3 years: $12
    * after 4 years: $12.50

    What does this mean?
    PTers who've been with the company less than three years will see adjustments to their wages (everybody else follows the general wage increase):

    -- PTers who've been with the company less than one year will be bumped from $9.50 to $10.20 on August 1, then $10.50 on their first anniversary. They will follow the general wage increases, but be bumped from $11.90 to $12 on their third anniversary.

    --PTers who've been with the company less than two years will be bumped to $10.70 on August 1, then $11.00 on their first anniversary. They will then follow the general wage increases.

    -- PTers who've been with the company less than three years will be bumped to $11.20 on August 1, then $12.00 on their third anniversary. They will then follow the general wage increase.

    So if you've been here between two & three years, you're the winner this contract.

    -- Incumbent PTers with less than three years BENEFIT from the wage progression in seeing immediate wage increases.

    -- New hires will follow the wage progression whereas incumbent PTers will receive the general wage increases. While the wage progression is stronger in the early years -- which BENEFITS incumbent employees, ultimately the general wage increases reign. Thus incumbent employees hired in today will be earning $13.40 by the end of the contract, whereas new hires in three months will receive only $12.50.

    Read more: http://www.browncafe.com/forum/f39/t...#ixzz2SlS0KZiK

    Read more: http://www.browncafe.com/forum/f39/...still-under-progression-350037/#ixzz2THVF09yZ
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    They won't be, since incumbent employees receive the benefit of the new progression scale.

    The contract states that persons still in progression will receive the upcoming general wage increases, but receive no less that what's guaranteed in the progression. Traditionally, once a PT begins receiving the general wage increases, they supersede what's stated in the progression. That will not be the case this year.
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    Bagels? Thanks, bud, that's the kind of thing I was hoping to hear.
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    Not to hijack the thread, but if someone could answer my situation? Thanks

    I will hit my seniority date end of June for my third year. I currently make $11.50 and in June I'll get my $.50 raise up to $12.00 an hour. How will the new contract affect me?

    Thanks again
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    "Part-time wage increases"

    You'll get a .70 raise aug 1st!
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    Welcome to BrownCafe. You're not hijacking the thread, but your question has already been answered in post #8.

    You're currently making $11.50 and approaching your third year.

    Per the old progression (skill wage):
    * start: $9.50
    * after 90 days: $10.50
    * after 1 year: $11
    * after 2 years: $11.50
    * after 3 years: $12
    * after 4 years: $12.87

    On August 1st, you'll receive the 70c general wage increase, pulling you to $12.70. However, the contract also stipulates you will receive no less than what's stipulated by the new wage progression:

    New Progression (skilled wage):
    * start: $11
    * after 1 year: $11.50
    * after 2 years: $12
    * after 3 years: $13
    * after 4 years: $13.50

    Thus, your pay will be adjusted to $13 on August 1st.
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    Wrong. .35 raises on November 11.

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    No, he is right, you are wrong.
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    One hears through the grapevine this information is correct. What are your thoughts?


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    I actually was being a jackass and didn't read correctly. Disregard my post please as I can not figure out how to delete it on my phone.
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    Which one is it?

    Loyal David
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    Hey guys i start my first day of work tomorrow as a sorter at 9.50, does this new contract change anything? Thanks