Part timers are the really big losers in the contract!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by rudy5150, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. rudy5150

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    New hires still creeping around minimum wage, raises less that last conract, current part timers who do get a full time job now have to wait 4 yrs to earn top scale driving wage, its 3 yrs under current contract. No "catch up" raise to narrow the gap between full time hourly wage and part timer wage. Part timers sold out again!
  2. InsideUPS

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    Now be fair rudy5150.... I read somewhere that part-timers will only have to wait 1 year now for family benefits instead of 18 months under our new yet to be fully disclosed healthcare plan. Factor in part-time turnover rate.....and UPS in many locations never has to pay for healthcare...

    What I believe will affect part-timers is the language on SurePost. IF we can get more of our volume back by delivering SurePost....I believe we will see some new driving jobs open up.....which will also hopefully alleviate those long hours that many drivers are complaining about.

    On a positive note about SurePost.... I was handed some information the other day about how we are changing our handling of SurePost. From what I read and understood, it appears that we will be delivering more of SurePost designated packages.
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    In other words, what you left out, was current pters just got bent over, with so many of them being strategically hired, 18 year old meat heads, there is no time for the real part-timers to do anything but lose.
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    This is one of many reasons why I tell people not to bother looking at UPS for a job. Many people ask me to get them on at UPS and it's not even worth the time or effort on their part. If they could at least manage to get 25 hours a week I might help them out but supervisors let part timers go home after 3 or 4 hours and do the work themselves.
  5. InsideUPS

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    Liquid Swords.....I'm trying to be nice about so many are correct.....unless something new is learned from our tentative agreement.
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    I Love how we are getting things BACK, that we use to have. People are making it like a Big Win. High Turnover rates is because of the LOW Wages. When I started 18 years ago, the wage was like DOUBLE min wage. People had to beg to work at UPS, and stayed. You think UPS would look at this cost off turnover, but I guess it does keep many without insurance.
  7. RealPerson

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    Why do you not file grievances on this? The Union is a Team Effort!
  8. Brownslave688

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    What's the cost of high turnover for ups or the union? (Non RTW states)

    Lets see the union gets a huge initiation fee so they are happy. Also rarely have to represent these employees. Most just willingly quit.

    The company gets dirt cheap labor. From hard workers. Although not as efficient as a seasoned employee most new comers flat bust ass. Don't have to contribute to healthcare for a year. Probably more that I'm missing.

    Starting pay at ups is low for a reason. It works well for both the company and the union.
  9. anonymous6

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    I agree and it's a shame because the best candidates for drivers and future managers will look elsewhere. we have already seen the effects of this for the last 10 years.
  10. RealPerson

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    I guess I didn't write my thinking correctly. I Agree with you! It has no cost to the Union, and it is known that turnover rates do cost companies, if the do background checks, physicals, drug testing and so on. BUT, I think by keeping New Employees, they save on healthcare, vacations, holidays, and the Do get these new people to bust ass. I know kid (18) who got a job at McDonalds for $9 an hour. Work in mostly climate control, no heavy lifting (unless you get the double with cheese), get benefits in 3 months, and so on and on... Makes UPS and the hard work look so bad... I think if people are paid more, they will also treat the boxes better... Just my thoughts...
  11. Notcool

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    Why I am voting No 7yr part timer. Love a fulltime job but dont see it coming
  12. stink219

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    Do you pay for medical? Do you even factor the cost into your wage. 3.5 hours a day for free bennies? In my local we only offer a family plan. UPS pays 17.64 per hour for health and welfare. So.....
    Taco Bell UPS
    8.50/hr. 10/11 hr.
    Zero medical. 17.64 hr
    8.50/hr. 27.64/hr

    Go show this to your neighbors.
  13. sortaisle

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    It's a little ironic that some folks are viewing this contract as an epic loss for pter's...however, this is the best contract a pter has least since the 80's (comparatively).
  14. saintrick

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    UPS paid nothing close to 17.64 hr for PT in the company plan.
  15. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Stink u have to realize most part timers don't use or care about the health insurance. Yes this is a huge deal to a few but overall wage is all that matters.

    That's why I really think if they want they should be allowed to opt out of healthcare for a flare wage.

    I've backed of a little how crappy I thought our wage "gain" were after u pointed out the total compensation numbers.

    What's the biggest issue for me now is a 4 year progression. With current part timers waiting so long to get to full time it's just not acceptable.
  16. bbsam

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    Wow. Do you realize that this exact same reasoning (and damn near verbatim) could have come straight out of the mouths of thousands of UPS "middle management" folks? Does that concern you at all?
  17. stink219

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    Wait to see your local supplement. There is some great language coming out on how that will be reduced.
  18. stink219

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    Because in my opinion, the UPS plan sucks!
  19. saintrick

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    Every bit as good if not better than 251.
  20. stink219

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    Really? Not based upon what I compared.