PART TIMERS getting Shafted again.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by wgf46, May 19, 2013.

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    Part Timers getting shafted again, Yes starting Part Time wage up $1.50 ph but lose the $1.00 ph bump at the 90 day point. Also, Christmas Help stays at $8.50 ph, even for current Part Time help that work as Driver Helpers during the Holidays. Why not keep their same hourly rate ? Shafted Again !
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    Then find another pt job during Christmas that will pay you $8.50/hr to walk up a driveway and drop a box
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    This is a great post. Do union members usually apply such logic? Concession without reason = quit your whining and find another job.
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    No one at the bargaining table EVER seems to represent the helpers. SO once again they will be forced to take $8/hr to bust their ass carrying 50 lb packages and running off most of the drivers deliveries while the driver "sorts" his load and waits for him to return to the truck. Another injustice!!
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    Agreed, I think the helper issue seems to be getting worse. Each peak season it seems as if UPS uses more and more insiders as helpers. My first couple of peak seasons seemed like most helpers were off the street. Of course $8 hr will be less than min wage before too long.
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    I rather have my union brothers n sisters out their instead of an ex con looking to rip off packages!
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    Apparently UPS and FEDEx disagree with you.
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    I was afraid to DR certain packages with some of the off-the-street Helpers I had last year, one of them looked and talked like he just got of jail that morning. I had a total of six different Helpers, its hard to keep them.
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    At Local 804 driver helpers got a great deal! During peak, part-timers who have bid by seniority to perform peak season package helper work will have preference for this work over package helpers
    hired from the outside. They will be paid $12.75 an hour to work as helpers, compared to $8 an hour for helpers off the street.
  10. Wait, with the Ptimers minimum wage being bumped to $10 an hour, doesn't that apply to the driver helper position as well? Either way its a sham because us insiders should NOT get a split pay, should be exactly what we make inside. And either way this TA is still a NO vote from me.
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    The company feels that part-timers are a dime a dozen.

    If I were you, and this is coming from the heart, I would quit and find work with a company with true Integrity. They are out there. Do some research on the computer and find a company who treats their employees right. Apple is one of them. There are many others.

    Or start your own business. It's better to be happy and maybe make less money and bennies than work for this company and spend the next 30 years unhappy.
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    I wish I could disagree with this, but unfortunately I can't.
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  14. What happens when minimum wage passes the starting rate? Would a new hire get minimum wage + the GWI, or would they just pay you minimum until the contractual wage catches up?
  15. Monkey Butt

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    ​UPS would have to match minimum wage.
  16. Jumpers expected "to walk"....since when?
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    Would Union dues go up also?
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Union dues are a multiplier of your hourly wage do, yes, when you get a raise your dues will go up.
  19. Bagels

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    In the Central States region, all helpers receive a percentage of the starting driving wage ($12.88 since 2008) when they driver helper, regardless of whether or how long they've been UPS employees or if they do the job one-time. OT is paid after 40 hours in a week, but cannot be pyramided (e.g. if you work 40 hours PT, then 20 hours DH, you're paid 5 hours driver helper OT as you've been credited 15 for your regular PT job). The contract specifies that employees covered by the CBA have first crack at DH, but cannot be scheduled more than 40 hours per week combined.

    Through 2008, my building was so desperate for DH that we could work as many DH hours as we wanted. Beginning in 2009, when there were plenty of off-the-street people interested, UPS started enforcing the 40-hour rule, blaming it on the Teamsters. As I typically worked more than 40-hours on Preload, I would driver help only when they were desperate, which was a few times per year. Last year, however, they were so desperate I logged more than 80 hours three of the four weeks of peak, including one at about 90.
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    Wow lotta hineyholes on here, must b management!!