PAS: Does it work?



Our center went live with PAS one year ago now, and the same problems are still persisting....

1. Missed packages have increased fivefold, causing air drivers and others to shuttle packages into the evening.

2. PAS Clerks all hired from the outside, are still just putting belt names, and no car number or anything on packages that aren't in system. With the switching of loaders etc. no one knows where these packages go, so they stay in the center.

3. At least 20 "Out of Sync" labels are being found daily, causing all kinds of problems for everyone, loaders and drivers.

The system looks really good on paper, but since it has been implemented has caused our center to spend more money on overtime for drivers and preload. I think the system could work well, if implemented properly, and the software was set up better, but with bad management trying to run the system in our center, I just don't see how it will ever improve!