OK some one tell me the truth what is the base pay for a full time sup?

(not concered with MIP i can do the math on my own)

Is it different if you are in operations, IE, PE, PSI, or SCS?

I'm getting my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from a damn good university! And if i get paid the same as some Liberal Arts major from a community college. I'm going to be pissed!

From what i hear there is supposed to be a restructure of how people get paid based on degree and Dept.

Is there a different pay if you have your degree VS not having your degree?

Do the people who work in Proffesional service solutions make more? there consulting rate and ups allocated is listed on the freaking intranet site? and fulltime sups are listed at 54.50 an hour.

I would say they should get paid more some of the test lab engineers are probably some of the smartest people in the company and they should be paid accordingly!


54 bucks an hour hahahahahahahaha. Operations get the highest pay vs. IE and staff. However, calculating in the added bonus weekends and long days you will be putting in you will be fortunate and i mean VERY FORTUNATE to average more than 2 bucks an hour over driver scale. 54 bucks an hour, damn that is FUNNY. You made my day


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By reading your posts you sound like you are the last one that should go into management at UPS. Does your soon to get degree from "a damn good school" mean you are UPS smarter than someone who had been there 20 years? I really think not, you are better off getting your degree and moving on.


I had to tell you again 54 bucks an hour HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA oh my goodness are you in for a rude awakening!!! I shared this with some other supervisors, both staff and operations. There comments ranged from "oh his he crazy" to "he wont last 6 months after he finds out" to "he'll never pass the drug test because its obvious HE IS ON CRACK" 54 bucks an hour, oh my belly still hurts from laughin!!!!!!!!!!!


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Seriously get out now, you will never be able to obtain a full time position at UPS, part time supervisors are basically a non union workforce to do the dirty work on the ground level. Also your attitude needs adjusted, five years qualifies you for nothing, hate to tell you this but there are long term UPSers, teamsters and company who would crush you like an ant if they felt like it. How in the hell did you ever get into supervision, must of put on a real show in the interview process, or they are desperate for a warm body to abuse.


read my other post in cuz im white for your teamster crap! supervisor role is to train and audit! you guys do the dirty work! but I dont work in the dept where i deal with people like you so i dont have that problem.

20 years of exp = 20 years of the same job
4 year degree= i get paid the same as you when im 22
why you ask cuz only 25% of the population has a formal education!
this means i have done what is needed in four years to make logical decisions that someone with 20 years exp makes.

SO send your kids to college. Its fun! when you make more than people twice your age and you have a job you enjoy not just a good paycheck and job security!


I too have checked some websites in response to your belief the pay will be around $54 an hour. I hope the entire room can benefit by knowing that i also found out recently via the web:
1.) The swamp land i own in Florida can be sold in good faith because global warming is going to make it prime real estate..
2.) It is OK for me to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to you (which I currently own) as long as the deal is made in cash
3.) The National Park service has installed Port-a-potties outside all forested areas so in effect "Bears no longer crap in the woods"
4.) Thanks to the modern wonders of genetics all pigs now have wings, so yep you guessed it, they all can fly.

May I suggest you skip a management career until you earn a Masters degree. If you can already taste $54 a hour it is safe to assume the knowledge you have taken from your undergrad degree took up the space reality formerly owned in your brain.


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Gibby, here is how raises work. The center is given a pool of money based on the current number of managers times the percetage increase. For us, it's been 3.5 percent the last couple of years. Based on your ranking and rating, this percentage can be adjusted for each invidual. Some get 2%, some get 5%. What your education will help you on is ranking and rating. About 10 years ago, it was very secretive. These days, or at least in my department, they are very open about it and actually tell you where you rank and rate. Education is in one of those columns....along with experience, QPR, time in current position, % of midpoint (payscale) etc. Getting a BS or MBS will NOT automatically get you a raise or a promotion. I has a sup quit because I promoted someone else two weeks after they had gotten their degree. They simple were'nt management material yet....and a piece of paper that says your an MBA, doesn't mean crap.
Obviously, there are different payscales for each position and area of the country. The best way to compare is by the position code.
As far as promotions, UPS is favoring woman and minorities. If there are two qualified individuals and one is male, the other a latino female, the female will get the job. Right or wrong, thats reality. I've read somewhere that UPS has the lowest percentage of females in upper management, and the Government is not happy.
If you want to make it here, loss the chip on your shoulder, learn from the experenced drivers and managers (yes, there are very good ones out there despite what is mostly written on this board), and put your time in. Brown is not for everyone. Decide now before you lose 5 or 10 years of pension time somewhere else.


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For someone already in management Gibby..check your code of conduct book. All management whether PT or FT are CONFIDENTIAL and a management person can be terminated for divulging stuff, it's not a joke, I actually saw a PT Sup in our center get the axe for discussing his salary at a PCM. Management pay is not supposed to be de discussed with anyone other than your manager. I will tell you though, UPS doesn't give a crap where your degree is from, and they usually don't even check to see if you have one, so no they don't give a crap about your great degree, your own money down the pot in my opinion.