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I believe it is additional sick time due to local laws requiring more than what the company and union bargained for. Not sure if it is paid or unpaid.


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Is it showing up on the bottom where it shows how much VAC, OPD and OPW time you have left?

I agree with @tadpole.

Some states, like CA, OR, AZ mandate employers give their employees a certain amount of sick days. The Central has no sick days pay, so you may have some based on your States' laws.

PST...Paid Sick Time or Protected Sick Time, and it is paid time.

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PST is your (rather hidden) state mandated paid sick time, It is alongside what you also have in your time off viewer. look up the related law in your state. Cali Mass or Ore they all accrue at 1 hour per 30 hours worked.
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I always thought that our Option Week of Vacation was in lieu of sick time. See what will happen on the contract.