Peak 2019 started this Sunday!

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by OrioN, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Feel kinda sorry for the seasonal drivers... they're probably not going to be busy today.

    No wonder I saw a whole bunch of Ford transit cargo rental vans at the outer parking lot recently
  2. scooby0048

    scooby0048 This page left intentionally blank

    Thanks for the update! Still waiting to hear when Xmas is this year.
  3. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Is UPS going 7 days a week this year too?

    I said no, cya Monday
  4. It will be fine

    It will be fine Well-Known Member

    We got slammed. Double the volume they projected. Monday will be dead.
  5. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    You ran Sunday?
  6. It will be fine

    It will be fine Well-Known Member

    Yup. Thought my guys would have 100-115 stops. They got 175-215.
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  7. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Damn. IBPR really needs to be far more accurate.
  8. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Yikes, that's a bit much for the new drivers on a Sunday, unless you had some seasoned veterans doing some work?

    I'm guessing it's mostly smartpost smalls?
  9. It will be fine

    It will be fine Well-Known Member

    They’ll all be done in under 8 hours on road, more than I like but not much to do about it. There wasn’t as much smartpost as I thought there’d be. It seems like it’s all the HD from Monday. I’ll see how light we are tomorrow.
  10. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    I forgot you have dense routes... that much stops on my area will push me to a 12 hour day

    I'll have to watch my SiD#s and see where management cut my area for peak on Monday.

    I'm guessing I'll keep the rural area & will be losing my easy gated community to the new drivers
  11. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Update, yeah, super light Monday. 1/2 capacity & was done at 1500... I still covered the same miles though, so no big deal.

    My 8000 & 9000 are gone. & they added the lake town I was doing over the summer to my route. Dunno y they agree to take that BFE area, it's not profitable at all.

    The Sunday run in my area had some of the green drivers pissed... the volume was so light that they were consolidating routes to one. 150 regular routes condensed to about 40- 50

    My rural route was combined with my neighbors route, but it took that driver over 10 hours and 260 miles to do... clocked out past 2000 since he had to drive back to the terminal, not go straight home with the rental vehicle (it was probably low on fuel anyways).

    Preloaders were rushed to finish so of course there were unscanned & mis loaded boxes everywhere.
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  12. dezguy

    dezguy Well-Known Member

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  13. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Not really when Amazon DSPs are offering hourly rate plus ot pay...

    The BC who eff upped the routes this Sunday better not do it again or a mass exodus of seasonal drivers will walk over to the competition

    (UPS and Amazon are within 2 miles from our terminal)
  14. MECH-lift

    MECH-lift Union Brother

  15. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    2nd Sunday of the season... Yeah, it looked like just another day at the bigger terminal with the amount of iCs in the mix.

    I'm not working, butt I had to bring in my truck since one of the new drivers wanted more room than a standard ford transit t150 cargo van.

    LoL, freaked out at my setup, but was happy to use it.

    I took his rental in exchange and we'll swap out on Monday. Ahh, brings me back to my "sexy van for a sexy man " days...

    A sexy van for a sexy man ~ Ford transit

    is UPS doing Sunday ops as well?
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Well-Known Member

    Why in the world would you go in on your day off just to swap vehicles?
  17. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Forgot to unload a send again... I usually clean plate when done with the route.

    And since I'm unloading it, may as well give him my bigger capacity box truck.

    So do u know if ups running Sundays, at least with the PVDs residential stops?
  18. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS

    you getting paid for all this!
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  19. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Hell naw! Butt we're trying to keep these seasonal drivers past peak season since it's gonna be 7 days a week for FXG ops from now on
  20. bacha29

    bacha29 Well-Known Member

    If it ain't your contract it ain't your worry. Contractors love guys like you. Black & Decker's a bunch of human work tools who in the end will come away with nothing but a busted up body. Seriously Orion, driver retention is a contractor problem that requires a contractor solution . And everyone knows why they don't stay. Too much value demanded in exchange for too little value in return.
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