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    I have been picking HVD on my belt since the Third week of February of this year, I was only weak side starting out but our original HVD grew tired of picking and wanted to go back to loading. So I have been picking this entire time, and I have never switched him back since he allowed me to pick for him. And the only time he picked in this time is when our LVD picker called in. That being said he is wanting his spot back on HVD.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but after I picked his spot for over 30 days, I take it. Right?

    Dates: Feb. 21, 2011 - August 1, 2011 / This is the day i started up til this day.

    I would appreciate any feedback.
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  2. Dynomite

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    I thought it went by seniority... If I'm wrong don't tell the guy I work with. I pick whenever I feel like picking lol.
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    If he holds the bid and just let u pick it's still his job, if it was vacated(he went fulltime or took another bid) and they didn't re-bid it would be yours under the grandfather rule. Sorry tho.
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    at our hub (gso nc) picking off is a skilled position and has nothing to do with how long you have worked there. i pick off lvd, been there 4 years and picked off 3 of those years.
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    Andy Pettite had one of the best pickoff moves--it was awfully close to a balk.
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    Is this a BID job ??? That will be the deciding factor. If it's is a bid job he has to wait to next bid and bid the job and hope he wins the bid. If it's not a bid job management puts whoever they feel can do the job in that spot.

    With that being said you can't just move where you want because you don't like the job your doing your in the union. If he moved to another job because he did like his previous job and know doesn't like that job that is his problem not yours.