Picking Vacations

Since we are all picking Vacations this month I have a question regarding how other UPS facilities are handling the first week of the January. Our contract (705, not the national) states that if a holiday falls during a vacation week you can hold as an additional optional, add it the the end or beginning of that week as an additional day off, or just take the money outright. My barn (CACH) has decided to just pay us outright for the day because it's a Sunday ("a non-working day" in their words) ... are other UPS facilities doing this? My understanding is that my contracts wording is identical to that of the National's regarding vacations.


Vacations and holidays are dealt with in the regional supplements, so, as usual, everyone's milage may vary. Our vacation schedule runs May 1st to May 1st. The New England Supplement Article 60, Section 5, says, "If any of the above-named [ten] holidays occur when an employee is on vacation, he shall receive an extra day's pay in lieu of the holiday."

Incidentally, Sundays were always a "non-working day" for us as well, but in mid-contract the Teamsters made a deal with the company that Sundays are just a regular day as long as they are part of a normally scheduled workweek, and are therefore paid at straight time. This was done in violation of the contract, without a proper vote, and grievances and a lawsuit could not overturn it. Some locals allow this, others don't. We started with three Sunday-thru-Thursday feeder jobs and now we are up to eight here in Local 42!