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    I believe that Randy 'Duke' Cunningham has already pleaded guilty:

    His resignation speech showed some class, at least. Perhaps some of the others under investigation in the Abramoff scandal will step forward and do the right thing.

    Here's his speech, worth reading, IMHO:

    I am resigning from the House of Representatives because Ive compromised the trust of my constituents. When I announced several months ago that I would not seek re-election, I publicly declared my innocence because I was not strong enough to face the truth. So, I misled my family, staff, friends, colleagues, the public -- even myself. For all of this, I am deeply sorry.
    The truth is -- I broke the law, concealed my conduct, and disgraced my high office. I know that I will forfeit my freedom, my reputation, my worldly possessions, and most importantly, the trust of my friends and family.
    Some time ago, I asked my lawyers to inform the U.S. Attorney Carol Lam that I would like to plead guilty and begin serving a prison term. Today is the culmination of that process. I will continue to cooperate with the governments ongoing investigation to the best of my ability.
    In my life, I have known great joy and great sorrow. And now I know great shame. I learned in Viet Nam that the true measure of a man is how he responds to adversity. I cannot undo what I have done. But I can atone. I am now almost 65 years old and, as I enter the twilight of my life, I intend to use the remaining time that God grants me to make amends.
    The first step in that journey is to admit fault and apologize. The next step is to face the consequences of my actions like a man. Today, I have taken the first step and, with Gods grace, I will soon take the second.
    Thank you.
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    No class involved....the guy comes clean after he's cornered. He knew he broke the law way back when and that's when he should've admitted his crime.....cried a bunch of crocodile tears in my view.
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    Sheesh! You retired people (and one useless suit) have so much time on your hands.

    I'm going to have to let you carry on with the name calling, inane posts totally off the actual thread subject and general denegrading all who don't think exactly like the two of you two canoodling sweethearts.

    I'll continue to try to answer questions by any of the more reasonable forum members here involving the company violating the contract when possible (although remember much of the contract is in hibernation during the next month), but it's peak for those of us not retired.

    In brief, just consider my answer "tie you are a lying maroon" and "danny, I'm disappointed in you" for anything they are likely to say during the next month. :cool:

    PS - If flaming becomes verboten again at some point this month please disregard the "danny I'm disappointed in you" response.
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    Flame away, Ive got fire proof pants on. Susie sent them to me via the postal service. (notice me trying to be nice in response?)

    As for you being disappointed, deal with it. Life is full of disappointments.

    When you finally learn there are more than just your union view to an issue, we can discuss issues intelligently

    Have a good vacation!

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    ok2b-you are the reason I quit posting. Hell, I have no opinion that makes sense to you and you seem to know it all anyway.
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    Please notice I said his resignation speech showed some class, not 'Duke' himself. Let him rot in jail. I've been following his case for some time, and he should get the full 10 years.


    You are probably the only person here that has a good handle on the contract, I would hope you continue to post. I still have nightmares about Ups; I know the next 4 weeks are hell, but they will pass. Just make sure you are out of hours Christmas week so you can enjoy a rare Christmas Eve with your family. My husband and I no longer even celebrate Christmas, too many years of bad memories.

    Back On Thread,

    In the meantime, the pilots deserve whatever they can get, and I hope they get as much as they can now. UPS will put off as long as they can and obfuscate the issues as much as possible.

    I'm afraid that when the Teamster contract comes due, it will be a 'take away', rather than any gains. UPS has not done right by the hourly employees, and there is no reason to think they will be inclined to do right in the future.
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    NO Christmas?

    Is it that bad Suzie that at the one time of year that brings us all together you`d come out with the we dont celebrate Christmas thing? You could be neighborly and enjoy christmas for what it really is,affluence and eating way too many macaroons
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    Our union is useless. We have grievances that are from JANUARY that have not been heard. Our BA will not come by our building. Mobile will not return our call. Thanks for the backup. USELESS.
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    How about the medical for Teamster retirees covered under the UPS plan? Wasn't that raised from about $50/month to about $500/month?