Pittsburgh APWA Election: Preview, Results and Post-Analysis

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    So round three draws nigh. If you're wondering where round two was, it never happened! Following the events in Kansas City, the people in Gaffney lost interest in the APWA and the election petition was withdrawn. NLRB charges were filed in KC and the results of the NLRB's investigation is forthcoming. How these events effect the people in Pittsburgh will be known before weeks end.

    The Pittsburgh UPS Freight barn will begin casting ballots this Wednesday, Sept 12. The 120+ employees in this barn will have one day to cast their ballots as the results are to be released before the day ends. Once again, the APWA will be alone on the ballot as the Teamsters have refused to go head to head with the APWA on the NLRB secret ballot election.

    And just as the APWA has experienced a setback, now the Teamsters come up with a black eye. The employees of the UPS Freight barn in Reno, Nevada have successfully submitted a decertification petition and will undergo the IBT decert vote on Sept 25. This was the last Overnite barn, previously a Motor Cargo facility, remaining from the Teamsters attempt to organize Overnite in 1999. Despite the IBT's promises to secure a strong contract in the Indy negotiations, the people in Reno have said enough is enough.
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    They have had this tried before and were unsuccessful. Reno Motor Cargo contract is not very good. The employees are currently making significantly less then the rest of the system. It's the new hires pushing for this , no doubt.

    You couldn't be more wrong. This terminal, was and currently is a Motor Cargo/ UPS Freight Terminal, and they were Union before the Overnite 1999 attempt to organize campaign and had nothing to do with Overnite. They won't let the overnite terminal merge with this one because their employees will be endtailed under the current contract.

    Even if this Is the truth, which It isn't, it's just a few, It has nothing to do with your apwa. You won't even get a foot in the door up there.
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    you got to overlook Nospin- his twisted, half as** truths are catching up to him.
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    Somebody get a fire extinguisher. The APWA is going down in flames.
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    There isn't much info on the web about the Reno facility, thus my synopsis was based on the few articles I found. So I appreciate any additional information you guys can provide. Thanks.

    Never the less.... they will be voting on September 25 on rather to decertify the IBT. So at least 30% of the employees in that barn are not happy.
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    you seem to no so much but than again you Know so little
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    Nice side-step on the issue there. After reading this I almost forgot the APWA has failed on two of two attempts to certify themselves as a union. :lol:

    Now the question is will they 0 for 3?
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    Spin, you and the apwa leave us alone. Go after your own company.

    Filing charges against UPS Freight when I doesn't go your way shows your true colors. With childish actions like this, you won't organize any of our terminals.

    Most of the guys that support the apwa are company men that want the bennies, pay and bragging rights of the parcel side. And for you to file charges against their company is an insult and will get you guy's nowhere here.

    Quit whining about the teamsters and your company. You're still at the top and your pay and benefits show it.

    Just remember who helped you get what you have, no matter if you think the Teamsters are corrupt, you still take in the benefits they made it possible for you to have.
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    Any results yet???
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    APWA comes up short again.

    For APWA...........36

    From what I was told, the company did not repeat their inappropriate behavior that was seen in KC.
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    Gee Spin,

    What a shock.... the apwa 0 for 3....:laugh:

    Please keep us informed of the next big election.

    Have tried to tell you.... takes a little bit more than a P.O. Box and a website.

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    And another one bites the dust...
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    So when the APWA finally dissolves are they going to refund the money to those that foolishly sent it to them or are those people out of luck?
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    A fool and his money......you know the rest.
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    You know, I think that a lot of people are missing the big picture here. Putting the teamster/APWA differences aside. In each and every poll/vote there are 35 to 40% of the people looking for another way of doing things, because they are unhappy with the way things are now, and those numbers are growing not decreasing. That is on the blue and the brown side! If UPS and the teamsters don't open there eyes and heed the warning signs, it is only a matter of time, be it the APWA or some other movement, will succeed in there efferts. But yet it appears that the teamsters are sitting back, saying, I told you so, instead of saying, "We have a real big problem if 30 to 40% of our people are unhappy. It can and will come back to bite them.
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    None of the barns that voted in these elections are currently teamsters, and by my calculations only 31% of that hub voted for the APWA. I imagine thats about the same percentage of people that signed cards to get this election going. Maybe it would have behooved the APWA to wait until they had a higher number of cards signed before pushing for an election.

    It appears you are the one missing the big picture, because as it stands no teamster controlled hub has voted for a decert vote in favor of the APWA.
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    Your post is a prime example of missing the big picture.
    If you reread my post you will see that I said UPS and/or the teamsters, which would cover the non-union faction also. The fact is that there are ruoghly one third of the UPS employees unhappy with there situation, union or non-union, (unhappy enough to try and force a change). That should be a major concern to both the company and union.