Possible Suspicious Incidents

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    Air Trans #297 Nov. 17


    United #227 Dec 16

    Both flights had a group of " Middle Eastern " men who caused other passengers and the flight crew to call for extra security.

    Could both of these incidents been more "dry" runs ?
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    Without a doubt. I recommended you stay hidden under your bed until somebody sounds the "all-clear". The terrorists are everywhere.
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    Problem is, thats where is already is, and so is his laptop!

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    You're mocking him? This would be big news if it is another terrorist dry run.
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    Yes it would be. If it actually was :wink2:.
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    The outcome of the Air Trans flight was after escorting the Middle Eastern men off the plane , searching them , and then returning them to the plane, the flight crew refused to fly and another crew had to be brought onboard. Then the passengers refused to fly with those men still onboard, demanding to be let off thus forcing the flight to be cancelled . Air Trans is being very guarded about this incident because they don't want to be sued ( see the Flying Imans case ) and be subject to a libel trial.
    I find it interesting that exactly one month later on another airline a similar situation takes place. Middle Eastern men get on a plane , cause the flight crew to demand that they behave themselves and follow proper instructions; no cellphone use, not turning off electronic devices, stay in their seats, not act like spoiled children.
    Some of the passengers on both flights have written identical reports about what happened.
  8. So, how did we get into this mode?
    Are we being "overly cautious". I don't think so 9/11 showed us that what was previously "unthinkable" is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for many, many people. Almost all (very very high percentage) being Middle Eastern (aka "MUslim").
    Can I distinguish who's a Good Guy and who is not???
    No, I cannot. Unfortunately, I must question everyone that acts suspiciously (in my subjective determination dependent upon how I interpreted my training).
    I am expected to challenge everyone on airport property that does not wear an ID that "Clears" them to be there.
    In light of the overtly obvious concerns that Airline Crews have with Middle Eastern (Christ, they may even be Turks!!!) "looking" people, maybe an I-9 type of verification and identification would be in order.
    THEY didn't put us here, people that resemble them did and we cannoty afford to "TRUST" (unlike 2727 UPDATE thread).
    Yank them off, verify, offer apologies and upgrades/free tickets, but avoid killing thousands because you hurt their feelings or you were complacent.
    Better yet, if we all carried guns, 9/11's would probably never, ever happen. Many other things would, but I assure you that another 9/11 would not (using 12/13/2009 conventional thinking)
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    Chronology of Pattern Behavior

    Once the point had been reached where additional information is no longer forthcoming about these two flights in the foreseeable future, I didn't know where to look for more information. An experienced reporter working on these stories suggested I turn my attention backwards to seeing whether any dots could be connected to incidents on past flights.

    America West Flight 90 -- Nov 19, 1999. In this pre-September 11th incident, two passengers speaking Arabic roamed the plane without permission and attempted to enter the cockpit in what has been described by the9/11 commission in their report as a dry run. "Students" Muhammed al-Qudhaieen and Hamdan al-Shalawi were placed in custody and removed from the flight. Bomb-sniffing dogs were brought to search the plane. The airline was sued for discrimination, but the case was dismissed.

    Northwest Flight 327 -- Jun 29, 2004. Described by flight marshals as aterrorist dry run, thirteen men of Syrian descent changed seats, congregated in the aisles, used the bathrooms excessively, appeared nervous, and behaved in a strange manner long enough to draw attention and concern from fellow passengers. Air marshals on the plane instructed the flight crew to radio ahead for law enforcement to meet the plane when it landed in Los Angeles.

    US Airways Flight 300 -- November 20, 2006. The infamous case of the flying imams, who allegedly changed seats in order to take control of every entry and exit route from the plane, ignored their assigned seats, requested unnecessary seat belt extensions, and disrupted the flight. The unused seat belt extenders were left lying on the airplane floor. Hmmm. Webbed strap belts with metal heads attached -- why would anyone be concerned about that? Who worries about customers acting strangely who make obviously unnecessary and unusual special requests?

    The imams were removed from the plane but cried discrimination after the fact. They sued the airline and received an undisclosedsettlement. CAIR and the imams declared victory.

    AirTran Flight 175 -- Jan 1, 2009. According to an article published by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, nine Muslims traveling to an Islamic conference were removed from the plane after two members of the group allegedly engaged in a debate about the safest location to sit in the event of a bombing on the plane. The conversation alarmed other passengers, who alerted the flight crew and caused the plane to be diverted. According to Doug Hagmann in the Canada Free Press:

    United flight 22 -- September 28, 2009. According to the KTLA.com, two men of apparent Middle Eastern descent were removed from a flight at LAX, and the flight was delayed while the bomb squad searched the plane. An article in the LA Times reported the incident as follows:
    A law enforcement source said at least one of the men ran into a restroom on the plane and appeared to hide while the New York-bound jet was taxiing on the runway, according to the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the case was ongoing.
    AirTran 297 -- Nov 17, 2009. A group of ethnic passengers used electronic devices on tarmac preparing for takeoff, changed seats, moved around, ignored flight attendants' instructions, and caused flight delay as the plane returned to terminal.

    UA 227 -- Dec 9, 2009. A group of passengers believed to be of Middle Eastern descent changed seats and allegedly moved other passengers' luggage at the gate while the plane prepared for departure, prompting their removal from the flight and bomb-sniffing dogs to check the baggage
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    I am a accquainted with a guy who was born in Turkey. Turks are ethnically distinct from Arabs, but he is well aware of the fact that most Americans are unable to tell the difference.

    He gets profiled in the airports, and it doesnt bother him one bit.

    He wants the same thing everyone else on the plane wants; for the flight to not get hijacked. Since the overwhelming majority of airline hijackings over the last 40 years have been committed by males of Arabic or Middle Eastern descent, prudence demands that such persons be given extra scrutiny. That isnt racism, its common sense. Infants and 74 year old Caucasian women arent the ones doing the hijackings, so it is idiotic to subject them to pointless and exhaustive security checks in order to maintain the illusion that the security screenings are color and gender neutral.
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    Political correctness sucks and will get us killed.:angry:
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    Are you sure they are not everywhere? You say it like we are afraid of the boogy man, and there is no reason. While I dont spend every waking moment worrying, I do watch for suspicious people, and activity.
    Yes they always mock us. It is like 9/11 never happened .
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    If you actually believe that any of these incidents were terrorists conducting "dry runs" you need your head examined. Do a little research and you might learn something. Failing that, just think for a minute about how terrorists actually operate and plan their attacks, and what key elements are required for an attack to be successful (hint: surprise is a big factor). The idea that in preparation for an attack, Al-Qaeda would sent the teams out in public, in a group, dressed up in Arab garb, speaking Arabic, putting on a dress rehearsal for everyone to see, getting into arguments with other passengers, airline staff, Air Marshals, the FBI, and basically doing everything under the sun to insure that they all get thoroughly investigated and photographed and added to a terrorist watch list, is so self evidently idiotic that you literally have to be a drooling moron to think that's what actually happens. If Al-Qaeda was really that incompetent 9/11 would never have occurred.
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    Jonesy you do understand that in todays world most people would rather take a chance on over reacting then on risking another 9/11?
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    Jones, tell us what happens when most people become to afraid to complain because like the Flying Imans case they might be sued .
    All these groups of middle eastern men follow the same pattern while on board the aircraft. Common sense would make a normal person see that some thing is not right.
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    Be afraid, Be very afraid...:2scared:....Brought to you by witnessing years of FFF network, Fear Fox Follies network

    Yeah, let's turn the plane into swiss cheese at 35,000 ft :2guns:
    I say the airlines hire more Ninjas..:shuriken::ninja2::donatello
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    911 commission report

    There were "dry runs" before 911. They called them surveillance flights.
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    lulling people into feeling they are safe.......that's how they do it. Always be vigilant!
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