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    In a year im going to transfer from my Hub in the San Francisco Bay Area to the Prescott Valley,Az building because of a school nearby. Im a p/t supervisor and my hr rep hasnt been able to tell me jack about the shifts or building size to see what kind of chance I have at finding an open position. Has anyone ever seen this building or know anything about the operation?
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    In a year?? A lot can happen in a year, you can be fired, hit lotto, quit school, die, world could end.. You say you are transferring but then say something about shifts and building size to see about finding an open position. (??) why would your hr rep tell you about a building in Arizona when he/she works in Frisco?? As for seeing the building, No I have not seen it...
  3. I haven't seen the facility, but my dad lives in PV. I can't imagine it's very big as it's not a big city (and Prescott isn't very large either).
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    Haz Mat, why you so negative? This is a forum for some to have questions answered, so, "like your mama said," if you don't have anything nice to say (except that he might win the lotto) don't say anything. And if I were that SF guy transferring to Prescott Arizona, I would be expecting major culture shock. And since it is probably a small center I think a field trip to Prescott to show your face would be a good idea. They probably don't hire too many management people in a year. Good luck.
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    A beautiful little town nestled in the pines; what you'll save in property costs and the diminished stress would probably be worth it.
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    according to they are seeking a P/T sup...

    google maps doesn't give a good image, but the town looks
    small... so thats good or bad?
  7. HazMatMan

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    Better go now Wallypower or you might miss out next year..
  8. EAM_Master

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    I haven't lived in AZ for over 7 years. From what I remember Prescott is a small town, but growing. It's a really nice area, up in the pine forests or Northern Arizona.
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    Prescott is located in central Arizona and boasts the largest stand of Ponderosa Pine in the world. Our little town is 96 miles northwest of Phoenix and 90 miles southwest of Flagstaff.

    Prescott is Arizona's mile-high city, and its high elevation and mountain breezes keep temperatures from reaching the extreme heat levels of Phoenix. In summer, the day time temperature rarely exceeds 85 degrees, and in winter's sun-filled days it averages about 50 degrees. Humidity stays a moderate 45% year-round. Average snowfall is 21 inches per year and usually melts after a few hours of sun shine; rainfall averages 19 inches per year.

    Prescott was also Arizona's first territorial capitol.
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    My wife and I have been living in Prescott for the last 3 and a half years. Actually we've been working on a video blog so our friends and family who don't live in Prescott know what it's like:

    Prescott Valley Arizona (AZ) Video Blog - we have a couple of videos that have prescott valley in them, but mostly it's the immediate prescott area ... about 7 miles from prescott valley AKA PV.
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    Plus, Prescott is just a short jaunt to Sedona Az which is one of our favorite places to visit.
  12. canon

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    Prescott has 4 Starbucks too.
  13. moreluck

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    IS THAT ALL !!!! Then it's not my kind of place.:sad: I NEED 8-10 within a 2 mile radius !
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  15. moreluck

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    Canon.....OMG !! You weren't lying! Unbelievable. :thumbup1:
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    Only 2 things come from Prescott, Arizona.... lol
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    Okay- login issue dealt I said, my dad lives there- has for 25+ years. PV is small-ish, fast growing, and blah. Seriously. It was originally a side of the highway town so the main area off of Hwy69 is pretty much all there is. Behind the shopping is house upon house. Prescott/PV has the world's smallest (I'm pretty sure) Best Buy. Funny thing is it's brand new. I was there in January and laughed as i walked into it.

    Are you moving for Embry-Riddle or Prescott College or some other? Those are the only two schools I can think of that anyone would move for. Certainly not the tech?
  18. sc.ladybug

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    Good luck - we have been on the list for a transfer to this building for 5 years....#1 or #2 each year with 20+ years seniority with the company...still waiting
  19. dilligaf

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    Being that you are a PT sup I will temper my words.

    As far as the PV ctr goes it is a mediocre size building running approx. 25 rtes. Single line belt sort. I've worked out of the building a few times but it is not my primary ctr.
    The PV ctr covers a major portion of central Yavapai County. They run a preload and local sort, shift times I don't know. The ctr is NOT a hub. It is a typical (mostly rural) operation.

    Prescott is a retirement community with a pop. of approx. 45,000. PV pop. is approx. 40,000.
    The area gets a fair amount of snow. In some areas, maybe a couple of feet a year.
    Most of the PV area is high desert with a small portion of Prescott actually being in the pines.

    I won't comment on mgt.
  20. dilligaf

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    We have a driver that lives in PV and drives out of my ctr. He has been trying to transfer into the PV ctr for 15 years. It won't happen anytime soon as he has to compete with the whole of the Western Conference to get in. Everyone wants to retire in Prescott.