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    I run an hour or more over every day; I'm also over 9.5 many days. I told my onroad supervisor that I'm planning on filing a 9.5 grievance. He told me I don't want to go down that road because it will get ugly if he has to ride with me.
    He's ridden with me before and never had a problem with my methods in the past. I'm pretty confident in my methods so I'm not sure how it's going to get "ugly". My onroad supervisor is ok but our center manager is a production nut. Anyway, how about a refresher on some delivery methods(just in case I'm slipping up somewhere) or just an idea of what I'm getting into by filing a grievance. Thanks for any help.
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    Request to get a copy of the 340 methods before your ride, and practice them on your own. That way, it becomes like muscle memory. As far as the grievance goes, just stick to your guns. They can bluster all they want, but if you are doing the job to the best of your ability, not doing anything dishonest, there is really nothing they can do to you except bitch and moan. Which they will. But don't let idle threats keep you from something you feel to be right.
  3. I have a copy of the 340 methods in pdf format. It's too large to post here. I can post it on usenet, if you know how to use newsgroups.
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    The getting ugly spiel is one that most all drivers have heard when trying to get the paid day down. While they might succeed in letting things get ugly for a while, as the other poster said, file and stick to your guns. That seems the only way some will respect your contractual language to not abuse 9.5.

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    the numbers do not mean jack ****. Management goes around and around on this. They know the numbers are not reachable on most routes. Why do they have to push this issue, tie....any thoughts. Does feeder have these same number goals tie. If no tell me why. Would it be different if there was no bonus because some centers arent on bonus. It just comes down to trying to do the best you can and try to be as safe as possible. It just comes down to ups saying, " we want you to be safe but were going to break you down for that 26 bucks an hour." keep yapping it goes in one ear and out the other.
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    Yes, feeders has the same number goals too.
    It gives feeder management something to do and substantiates their jobs.

    Periodically I get to hear about idle time ( I guess I should turn my engine off at stop lights) and why I took so long here or there.

    Mid level management MUST look busy and really concerned so they don't have to fear being downsized.
  7. over9five

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    Package car drivers going to feeders. Your biggest (and hardest) adjustment is learning to deal with all the downtime.

    "It's a whole different world". How often have you heard that from a feeder driver?!?!
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    I don't know how to use newsgroups, but I'm going to check with the wife. She is more computer savvy. Thanks.
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    Problem for feeders for me is, if I took the job, I'd blow up like a parade balloon. I eat like a lion and need to be in package to stay trim.
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    Try using a smaller shovel when you eat and visit the gym for me.
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    you CAN NOT be fired for production, or lack therof.
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    You can be for not meeting demonstrated production. If you decide to show off for your sup when he is doing a ride along just remember those are the numbers you've demonstrated you can do, so those will be the numbers you are expected to meet everyday.
  14. over9five

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    " are expected to meet everyday."

    Union told us we should sometimes make that number, but because every day is different, it is defendable if you are under it. As long as occasionally you beat it too. Common sense. Talk to your BA. Make sure he is defending you.
  15. upsdude

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    Management has been really upfront in our center, the numbers are screwed up. The last center study was 17 years ago. We’re told that time studies will begin in about 2 months. Of course, for now the bad numbers are used anyway. LOL. The center manager also told us if we only follow the methods one day, make sure it’s time study day. Don’t walk across yards, basically, do EVERYTHING by the book.

    My route is routinely “under 8” with 160 stops, 300 pieces, 80 signatures, 80 dr’s, 48 miles, 11 pickups, 30 pieces (mostly NDA letters). I average 50-75 over allowed. PAS thinks my min-max should be 175-195. I had a dream day a couple weeks ago. One of those days when folks are standing in the yard waiting for you, apartment dwellers open the door before you knock. Business stops hand you a COD check when you walk in the door. I ended up running 23.1 SPORH and was over allowed.

    We do have a couple folks that are being pressured for more production, 3 day rides etc. But, they are also the folks that seem to only get sick on Monday or Friday, or both. LOL. They also get most if not all of the complaints, bad attitude etc.
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    Whenever I have a ride along I embrace it with great enthusiasm because all I have to do is follow the methods and there is not a chance that I will come close to making thier numbers. I even allow my sup to work because they will always tell me that he has something important to do that night and needs to get done early and that the numbers that are obtained that day mean nothing anyway as this is just an annual safety ride and they won't even be looking at the numbers. I went from being an average of 50-75 clicks over to being 1.54hrs paid over with the sup with me on my last ride along and the following day the sup tells me and other drivers that the numbers are F'd up on that run and he doesn't understand it because he ran all day and helped me. Another interesting fact is that the day that the ride occurs I mysteriously have about 65 stops and 100 pieces while a normal day consists of 80-90 stops and around 160 pieces, odd how that seems to happen each time.
  17. browniehound

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    When I was first trained my sup says always follow the methods when you're on your own. That way, when a sup jumps on car with you, you'll be doing the job the same way all the time and the methods will naturally be there. Probably the best advice I ever got.
  18. dannyboy

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    Where in methods does it say leave packages in mail boxes?

    Hehehe, Ill let it go, just could not help myself.

  19. toonertoo

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    Mailbox is an option in our board, as well as "bush" and UPS box.
  20. upsset

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    It is against the law to release in a mailbox. They are federal property and the mailman can and will remove your package and bring it to the post office. They will also call UPS and make us come and get it. Don't use mailboxes, go to the house and use proper DR methods. Every minute you save by cheating equals additional stops that you will have to make, so why cheat.