PVD going rogue

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Queso, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    Easiest way to get a FT driving job is to work PT until a FT job opens up and bid on it. Otherwise you are hoping to be that 1 out of 6 open FT spots. The odds are not in your favor.
  2. Utility81

    Utility81 Member

    They LOVE runners. You’ll get a job in due time.
  3. zubenelgenubi

    zubenelgenubi Well-Known Member

    When you say you woke up early, how early? Like 2 am early? If so, they may be trying to get you to work preload.
  4. PappyLand

    PappyLand Active Member

    They used to tell me I’m the best driver in the center. Now I work till 10pm every night.
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  5. KoennenTiger

    KoennenTiger Active Member

    I've seen em hire seasonals full time. They get to bring in a few runners. They just disappear for six months before you see them every day as a cover guy. Little mezzo guy smiling at me, they hired me full time. Oh but that no longer even means I can give you my board and say cool, see you tomorrow

    I dunno wtf that could mean for you anymore
    Maybe in July I'll see you again and you'll be a 22.4 so I'll barely see you.

    Tell me your name again in a year bro. I'll remember it then

    Nice to meet you
  6. Maple Grove MN Driver

    Maple Grove MN Driver Cocaine Mang!

  7. Johney

    Johney Well-Known Member

    They don't collect dues or initiation fees here from seasonal, I guess because Florida is a right to work state? The Local will set up a table out front of the guard shack in a couple of weeks from now hitting up all the people that kept after peak to sign up for membership.
  8. AwashBwashCwash

    AwashBwashCwash Active Member

    Why do all these PVD guys think they're just gonna waltz into being a FT driver?
    How about put 5 years in on preload first and then come talk.
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  9. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    I dunno, a local UPS seasonal got hired off the street after peak 2018. It all depends on the center.

    @Whither also made it due to inside info that his local center was in desperate need of FT drivers (shrugs)

    A few others also chimed in on being off the street hires...
  10. Nine5

    Nine5 Member

    To Keep your morale up...
  11. Queso

    Queso Member

    Well it worked for a little while I guess
  12. Queso

    Queso Member

    6am to call in and see what the situation was. Still pointless to wake up that early to just hold my chode
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  13. Faceplanted

    Faceplanted Well-Known Member

    Your done bro. They literally can no longer use you after Jan 15. Your gonna have to wait around for hr call you. Decent chances you get offered p/t warehouse job, slim to none chances you get offered any type of driving position.... if I was betting on your situation I would Bet no way on any driving position.

    Take the p/t gig if offered, in the mean time sign up for classes at your local tech school and learn a trade.

    You think you were a stand out, but there was probably 5-6 more pvds just in the center you worked for that busted there ass and believed the ups lies too. So even if there is 1 driving position open, it doesn’t mean it’s yours.

    I hope you learned a valuable life lesson from this situation.
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  14. Maple Grove MN Driver

    Maple Grove MN Driver Cocaine Mang!

    Nah bro
    Getting hired off the street is where it is at.
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  15. Seasonals...
  16. Whither

    Whither Scofflaw

    We still need drivers. But that didn't stop em from stringing along several people. One scratched his route more than 5 times during peak and nevertheless they brought him into the office a couple weeks back 'sorry, you're seasonal, we'll give you a shot later' because 'you didn't have enough sup ride-alongs to complete the packet.' The unfortunate fact is, the union hasn't negotiated (ever, it seems from what I read here?) any say in the qualification process.
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  17. Queso

    Queso Member

    I me
    I wasn’t banking on becoming a full time driver after peak at any point except for towards the very end after being egged on by management. I’ve already got other work lined up and I’m not going to call in every morning and jack myself off with this :censored2:. They know what’s good, they know what the drivers I was working with told them, and I’m probably not too far down the booty call list come September
  18. Skull_Leader

    Skull_Leader Member

    Why do you think there's a relation between Driving and doing preload? Why do you think it's reasonable to be expected to do 5 years of preload before they can do the job they actually want? because it took you that long, and you want to drag everyone else down to your level?

    Why do you assume that we don't expect to do preload before becoming a driver? While I think it's BS that we should need to, I'm fully expecting to do some preload. We're fully aware that there's a process, and simply want to get started towards that goal. (However, I am NOT doing 5 years of it. I'll give at most a year, before moving on to something else).

    and also, some guys ARE being hired off the street to Full time driver.
  19. 35years

    35years Well-Known Member

    You have no clue.
    You accepted a part time position. Wait your turn. It's all how much seniority you have.
    There is no "process"
    There is no working towards a goal.
    There is no dragging anyone down to their level.

    You wait your turn. If it is 5 years in your bldg....That's what it is.
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  20. Skull_Leader

    Skull_Leader Member

    There is no "Turn"
    If it's 5 years (It's not), then I simply wont work there.
    That's what it is.