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We have something like 20 PVDs at our center. They're lined up outside as we're leaving then pull into bays on one of the belts and then load their own cars.


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these pvd drivers are taking the jobs of some preloaders that would love the opportunity to be seasonal but got declined...anything in the union book that addresses a situation like this? Just curious
Yes, if your supplement allows seasonal drivers, and I think most do, then it is allowed. Sorry.


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They used to pull all my town stuff, businesses and pickup (1), and part of my rural stops off.

I'd still end up breaking 200 a few days.
I rarely broke 100 stops last year. Except the one day they cut my pvd route and then I was out until 10.


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Give him 50 stops.
He day is not done until the last stop is finished.
That will get them to quit, or step up and do the job!
oh trust me, he delivers the last stop of the day while im doing my last pickup.
I dont think he will do 50 in a day apparently he gets lost and forgets to call me when he is done with a batch.

Like i said, not my problem im just a driver.


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Shouldve heard the pvd driver griping in the office this week about having to chase down drivers with late air stops and then found they were dispatched to the wrong person and was told they had 70 stops waiting back at the building for them when they rtb.
Another one was getting scared because people were coming out of the house at dusk (and later) and angrily asking them who they were and what they were doing in their drive.
This will be interesting.