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  1. Really excited and can't wait to make some real money and start a family. Would really enjoy hearing old school full timers quests from part time to full time and the steps Ups took to inform you that you're turn was coming up. Been loading for 10 months in July and might be full time driver in 4-6 weeks. Thanks in advanced for the responses my fellow UPS brothas !!!!!!

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  2. Covemastah

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    Driver jobs are filled by seniority, it varies on waiting period depending where you work and volume..
    I would just be guessing, but maybe 5 outah 10 wont make it,either driving wise or mental fortitude, very challenging job...I was hired in 89 after only working inside in 88 for 3 months, got lucky, 3 other guys who started with me were never seen again.. check the UNION board all the time to see if there are sign ups,,with summer here they may need help filling in for vacation,, best of luck to you !!!
  3. jumpman23

    jumpman23 Oh Yeah

    Good luck never seeing your family or kids grow up. Sad reality of fulltime driving. Temp driving is where its at. 6 months of prison n 6 months of freedom.
  4. 6 monts you eat, 6 months you don't
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  5. jumpman23

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    Eat all 12 months if you plan it right and you make good cheese working preload or local sort. 65k for 6 months of freedom or 90k for no life year round and driving in snow, cold, ice etc. Easy decision to some feel me.
  6. Opt In...take your two 8 hour days every month. use you sick and personal days!
  7. TheKid99

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    Can someone tell me what is 22.3?

  8. jumpman23

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    We got guys opting in here and still getting denied. Grievances just getting paid, like the supe said the company would rather pay the grievances. Good advice to the new guys though. After a while you just don't even let the job get to ya, just put er on cruise control and roll wit it lol.
  9. That's what Im doing today!...8 hour day and a 36 pack of bullets,in the fridge!
  10. jumpman23

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    SWEEEEEET lol.
  11. Atlantic Canadian Walker

    Atlantic Canadian Walker Atlantic Canadian Walker

    You can relocate and get a driver job ASAP. Every time I search for another position other than driving here on the Atlantic coast....I get approached by mgmt to drive. No f-in thank you. UPS still has its weeder in the garden here so you do have a fat chance for a driver position here. Am not touchin it yet though. One can only imagine the chaos that is attached to any company establishing in a new area. Yes they are doing well too and are demanding full UPS proceedures. No prob?
  12. What?
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  13. I'm going the full time route . 65k compared to 90k is a big difference . Freedom or no freedom a job is a job . Hey maybe I'll win the lottery .

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  14. TooTechie

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    As someone else wrote, driving isn't conducive to family life because of the late hours. On some routes you can get out at a decent time (or if you work in the BoG), but most guys work 9+ hours a day. The pay and benefits are great if you can stick it out.

    I worked inside loading feeders (trailers) at night, then went to pickoff, then sort aisle and train driving. I landed full time permanent driver job after about 3 1/2 years which is less time than it usually takes. The national average over the last few years appears to be 4-5 years of working part time with smaller centers with less turnover having a wait of 7-9 years. Right now most of the country has gone through most of the eligible part timers on the lists and the wait to go driving is shorter than most have ever seen.
    I got my own route after a year and a half but that's unusually soon also and its a crappy route.

    There is a good chance this is a seasonal temporary slot you're being told about, but it could be permanent too with the way things are going. Also no one except HR, your local union office or a center manager for drivers really has an idea if driver slots are truly opening up. Part time sups love to act like they have a clue about such things when in fact my dog could give you a better answer.
  15. Atlantic Canadian Walker

    Atlantic Canadian Walker Atlantic Canadian Walker

    what, what? Huge turnover since first hiring 110 employees back in May 2012. Need a job?
  16. TooTechie

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  17. Co worker in front of me on seniority list has been called to schedule full time road test. We started a couple of days apart so I'm thinking any week now I'll get a call. Also spoke with HR and was told the way things are moving ( and I quote) " Don't be surprised if you get called in the next 4-6 weeks. " Fingers crossed ??!!!!!?!!! I'm hoping its permanent cuz if it's seasonal and they send me back to loading I think I just might go play in some traffic !!!!! (Jk) no but seriously I'll be depressed forever

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  18. jumpman23

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    You new guys have no idea what your getting yourselves into when you go fulltime driving. You guys will see how bad the job sucks lol. Itll effect different people in different ways. The ones who have a kickback chillback attitude will be ok cause they just don't care about anything and aren't easily mentally phased and others that will crumble like a cookie cause their broken down mentally easily cause their mentally weak. Where will you fit in is what you have to ask yourself and if you don't know the answer to that question instantaneously then id be worried about the discipline of your mind state. Its real trust me, job aint no joke nowadays compared to what it used to be like.

  19. Ok besides the job sucking has the income from full time driving helped you to have a well off life ? Things don't bother me easily . I'm very head strong and if threatened (which I have) I just say " you got it I'll do better " then keep it moving. Every time I get discouraged I just think about my Dad , Mom , girl and how I'll help them have a better life . Gimme a little motivation my fellow UPS brothas!! C'mon !!!!!

    Just created new account . Was "theupsguy83" using TheKingOfQueens from now on
  20. BrownTexas

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    The money is all how you use it. We have drivers that have to work as much as possible because they choose to have nicer things. We also have drivers that have treasure chests full of money somewhere at their house because they live cheap and it suits them. 90k is great until you go buy 2 $30,000 cars, a boat, a 5 bedroom 2 story home, and you eat out everyday of your life. Then you are just as broke as someone making 30k and buying $200 shoes every week.
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