Question about increase in payrate?

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    Sorry if its already been asked. I've looked around and haven't seen an answer to it.

    I recently received a 1.05 raise. I thought I would be getting the 35 and 35 that is outlined in the contract.

    Can someone explain this to me. I'm a part timer working in the small sort hired in 05.

    Is this going to be an every year thing?
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  2. hondo

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    Ed, this depends on what your seniority date is.
    You got .35 from the (split) general wage increase, an additional .50 to bring you up to what you're due with your # of years into progression, and IF your seniority date is on or around aug. 1, the last .50 is your progression/anniversary raise (if your sen. date is nowhere near august, it sounds like a mistake was made). Hence the $1.05 (bringing you up to 12.35/sorting or 11.35/other if I'm correct).
    On feb. 1 2009 you'll get the other .35, on your 4 year anniversary (in 2009) you'll get .87, and on aug. 1 2009 the gwi will be .375
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    Thanks to the for the response.

    My seniority date is in June. I got my normal 50 cents in June and got this 1.05 now for a total of 1.55.

    So I'm still going to be getting a raise on my normal seniority date on top of the two 35 cent raises? Not bad.