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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by happy harry, Nov 28, 2007.

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    Just wondering UPS started putting pt supervisors by the hour after I had left in 2003. I just wanted to hear some opinions on this very sensitive subject. Pros/Cons? How does the post and pre sort meetings work? Does upper level management try and push you off the clock or do they utilize you until the sort finally comes to a close?
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    HHarry, I'll start the ball rolling. After a year or so when the new rule was "nod,nod-wink,wink" obeyed, they are really trying to make certain that no p/t supes go over their 5.5 hrs./day. The fulltime supes are called on the carpet if their p/ters go over that. The days of a p/t supe running center stops that were missed are ancient history in my center. Keeps us from violating the contract and keeps these supes from being abused. It has also eliminated a lot of "meeting-itis". Parttime supes at the beginning of a shift will now call out their fulltimers and say " I can meet with you later. Right noe I have got to ready my workarea for the shift."
    But I miss the days when the hours all worked itself out by mutual consent. When I could do 4 hours one day- andstill do the job superbly- and other ,less fun days when 7 hours or more did not finish the job. I guess it protects us p/ters from abusive bossses, but I haven't had a lot of them.
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    LOL...I guess conveniently the prsort/post sort meetings went out the window. Funny. How about paperwork? (Salt logs,Missort/Mistoggle reports,typical day,scan log,hub method eval's,f-5 audit's) Do they still apply or have things changed that much?
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    I will have to be general about the paperwork. I don't wish to give out my current workarea.
    The dreaded paperwork is still here.But it too has been streamlined. Any fulltimer who doesn't understand that all p'work (except hours worked) must be done DURING the shift is digging a deep hole. (Peak has slightly relaxed rules.
    The most useless piece of paperwork now in a center or a hub is the report that p/t preload supes give their preloaders at the beginning of the shift. I forget the name, but it is basically a "how did you screw up yesterday" report. A misload report. It is unfair on two reasons.
    A) It is ufair to the preloader since the guy doesn't read addresses any more. Just PAL labels.
    B) The report is unfair to the package drivers since the report only reports if the package was placed onto the wrong car. Where inside the car is never mentioned in these reports.
    Now, I know that the hub has the same report, but there you can deduce an hourly's mistake. Reading washington, DC for Washington State. (Washington state UPSers: I heard that there was a town named George in your state. True? I'd never stop laughing if I saw an address that said it was going to George,Washington.) An hourly reading AZ for AL. Or even figuring that he forgot which trailer he was in. And the hourly can learn. I am not sure if that is possible for the PAS-life experience.
    On a personal note, I wasn't forgetting you or this thread. I was lucky enough to get an extremely rare 4 day weekend in December last week. Now it's back to the cardboard mines.
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    Our pt sups get paid overtime during peak. They also stand around and count mishandled pkgs and so forth during the sort. Seems they often have a clipboard in their hands. Better than our pkgs :wink2:
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    "Count" mishandled pkgs??? I see sups throwing pkgs all the time. Oh, so Tie doesn't get on my case, I see hourlies doing it too.