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    another driver and I were discussing the 9.5 today and we both had different answers on this question. Is it 9.5 for total hours on the clock? Or is it 9.5 for total hrs worked. Meaning our 30 min unpaid lunch doesn’t count towards 9.5.
    Also if we punch out at 9.57 hrs. Is this considered violation of 9.5 , or is anything under 9.6 non violation?
  2. Hours worked including paid break.
  3. burrheadd

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    Anything over 9.50
  4. Brownslave688

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    Actually anything over 9.49
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    Unpaid break does not count towards 9.5 violations, anything over 9.49 that is not unpaid break is considered over for a 9.5 day. Get your pay stub at the end of the week and should be able to see whether you are over or not.
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    Are you on the list or trying to get on the list? If you are not on the list you must notify your supervisor that you do not want to work over 9.5 3 days a week and will go on the list if this happens before your third day over that week. Dont ask me why it's just what we have been told by are BA to do so they cant bitch about being left in the dark. If you are on the list file away and collect that doe.
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    New contract will say you can get on the 9.5 list at any time. Currently your first grievance puts you on the list. The second 9.5 grievance will start getting you paid. It's like giving them a warning.
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    No I’m on the list I was just never clear on if unpaid lunch counted towards 9.5 or not. I have not had any issues with violation of 9.5 anyways
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    Actually, even 9.50 hours is not a violation. (think over - 9.5) 9.51 hrs would be.

    The company has tried using 9.51 as "nitpicking".

    Easiest response to that is.... Is NDA late @ 10:31am ?

    Or, is that nitpicking ?

    That doesn't sound like a concession.


    The contractual procedure is you notify the company first.

    If progress isn't made, you can then request to sign the 9.5 list. After that, you file.

    The issue seems to be hit and miss, depending on your location.

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    Put every driver on the list.
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  12. BigUnionGuy

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    You can't force drivers, from making money.

    Some want it.... others don't.

    Haven't we seen this, in all these threads ?
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    Everyone is op-in and you let management know who wants to op-out.
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    Everybody wins if all are on the list.
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    This. Excited to see the results.
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    Package car drivers take lunch? lol
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    Yep, a solid 3 minutes every day for the runner-gunner!
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    I’ve only been here 10 months and I already bitch at the 2-5 guys that consistantly take their lunch back at building after finished.

    They almost all bitch that they feel they ‘have to’ to make sure there isn’t business service failures or that they get their air/international back in time.

    They don’t understand it’s not their problem and they just need to send a message in via the DIAD requesting their air/int pickup or assistance to take a few stops off.
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    It takes that long for an energy bar and a Powerade?
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    Wrong!! You don't have to notify sup of anything. Tell your union steward you want on the list. He will give you paperwork and also file grievances on your behalf when needed. They will not keep you at 9.5 just because you request it. When it gets heavy they will load you up BECAUSE you aren't on the list. Been there done that