question on p/t package handeler work.

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    Hey guys i'm looking to possibly get into the p/t package handeler shift for 4-9pm. I have a few questions though...

    1. Do you always work from 4-9pm? I've heard that people only work 3 1/2 hours some days. I'm just wondering i guess they were done with what needed to be done?

    2. I like to get this job because of its hours and how they fit into my schedule for the most part, but i do have an issue. My family have 2 sets of dates that I would not be able to work. One of them is a friday in september, and then also a week in the beginning of november. How can i possibly bring that up without sacrificing my chances at getting a job here?

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. RockyRogue

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    I'd say closer to 4 hours is the average shift. And no, you won't work 4-9 five days a week. That 4:00 start is for Peak Season for the most part. I'm guessing you're applying for a HUB operation. Most of these Twilight shifts start around 5:30, with staggered start times depending on where you work in the operation. Inbounds will probably start at 5:30 and be done at 9:15 or 9:30. Outbounds will probably start at 5:40 or so and be done around 10 or 10:15. The 10:15 time may be generous, again depending on your work area. Not trying to scare you off but I've seen outbound belts cutting their last hourly employee at 11:45. I was the 3rd to last employee left (emergency help after an a**-kicking) and I was cut at 11:35. THAT was a long day since I'd started at 4:30 doing other stuff in the HUB.

    Wouldn't worry too much about these dates. The week in November could be a problem, however. When I was hired by UPS the first time, I had a wedding around Thanksgiving. I told the HR guy that I really needed to know if I had a job so I could book my flights. He asked for a week. I got a call two weeks later. I booked something after I'd started and spoken to my f/t supe. And contrary to some--including my own--posts there are actually many decent operations supes. I make it a point to have a good working relationship with my supes. It paid off handsomely the other day when my boss modified my schedule to accomodate school. Also, another piece of advice if you're looking for it: find an HR rep as a "go-to" guy. In my experience HR has been like a switchboard as far as getting information quickly. Operations supes don't know everything and really don't want to, either. HR's accuracy is something else entirely. If you get good vibes about the HR rep that hired you, keep in contact with him/her. I dealt with two HR reps when I was hired this time and kept in touch with both. One has since quit and the other has been promoted. I'm without a "go-to" person in HR and its caused a couple of headaches. :mad: -Rocky
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    Get in, work a great job and they will work with you on the days you need off.

    They always need good people.
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    The schedule varies. You could be in a center where you work your min 3.5 hours per night. Or you could be in a center where you get 5-6 hours everyday. Don't count on exactly a 4-9 shift. Start times are adjusted due to volume and you go home when the job is done, however late that is.

    In my center you would be SOL. You would have to pull a no call no show or call in sick. But don't worry. They wouldn't fire you for this.
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    ttt, thanks for all your replies. I have a tour of the facility tomorrow(monday) and its at 6am. I thought they would give you the tour during hours that you would work but i'm signing up for the twilight shift, is this normal?

    Also according to a close friend of mine, hes telling me that the facility i'm touring is a "smaller" hub unlike some of the bigger hubs in this state. So hopefully since its a "smaller" facility it won't be like a lot of the things i read on this forum.

    Any other replies would be great!
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    I work on night shift, but I double on twilight a lot, and here the start/end time varies depending on volume from day to day. But regardless, it is usually never earlier than 5:30 start and never later than 9:30 end (for the unload/primary, at least)

    YMMV, of course, depending on the hub.