Quit or risk being terminated?

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  1. Rockinahardspot

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    I was placed on investigative suspension with pay due to a possible failure to notify management. My badge and key were taken. A claim was filed by another company saying I backed up and dented their dock door. I noticed it prior to exiting the vehicle, but I didn’t think it was me considering I felt no shake and heard no sound when I backed up and pulled forward (I always do at this stop considering how cold it’s been, I get as close to the inside as possible for when I’m scanning(bulk stop)). I was driving an old, beat up w700 that had a bent in back bumper in the middle. The dock door was dented on only on side, but both sides of the bumper still stuck out evenly. My manager had me write a statement and said they would have to investigate it and come to a conclusion. Prior to this I’ve had recent poor performances. An accident and a misuse of a code for 2 hours (wasn’t informed an over-extended break was required when working doubles). After the code misuse incident, my manager told me everyone gets a chance with him and that’s it. He said that was my chance and no more. “It ends here.” And then he pulls me into his office a day later with the suspension paper informing me that the company called him explaining how they think it was me who caused the damage. I’ve never had a write up and never had an employee performance improvement plan. Prior to the beginning of this year, I never even had one verbal and I started January of last year. Mind you, he’s a new manager as well. I go in today to sit down with him and I guess find out whether or not it actually was determined to be me at fault. I’ve been offered a job elsewhere already that I had applied to a week prior to any of this happening (I haven’t been content since becoming swing), but I haven’t received an offer letter, just a verbal acceptance. Any advice on how I should handle this meeting? I’m not sure if I should just quit given the circumstances or if I should try to hear out what will be said with the possibility of being fired. I would hate to allow that not thinking it’s fair reprimandation, but also to potentially place that on applications may hinder future job prospectives. An outsider’s opinion would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Operational needs

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    If you ARE fired, all FedEx will say when called is that you worked there from this date to that date. They don’t say that you were fired.
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    If you like the job stick to your guns and tell them what you told us. If you don't like the job and can make similar somewhere else then walk. One thing is for certain, if you give them a reason to want to get rid of you sooner or later they will. If you're able to come back from this then be extremely careful, do your job, and be super cooperative for awhile. My two cents.
  4. Rockinahardspot

    Rockinahardspot New Member

    I’ve tried to research everything involving possible outcomes, but I couldn’t find anything on how they handle job recommendations.
  5. Operational needs

    Operational needs Virescit Vulnere Virtus

    Cut and dry.... yes, he worked here from this date to that date. FedEx doesn’t do it. They’ve hired a company to do all that.
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  6. Brown echo

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    ............GO ALL IN !!
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    I would hope your manager has looked at the damages to the door and compared it to the truck. If the bumper and damages door don't line up, sound like you didn't do it. If they do and the company has a witness or proof, you might be in trouble. I would still make them terminate me. No advantages to quitting during the meeting. Haven't been there long enough to ask to retire. That is an option for old timers.
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  8. 59 Dano

    59 Dano This is 1980, can't you afford a f***ing haircut?

    They think it was you?

    Handle the meeting as professionally as you can.
  9. Fred's Myth

    Fred's Myth Nonhyphenated American

    Wasn’t your backing camera operational?
  10. dezguy

    dezguy Well-Known Member

    He/she said he/she was driving a beat up w700. We still have an ancient one in our building that has the backing sonar and convex mirrors that is used as backup to our backups.

    Guessing that could be the case here?
  11. Star B

    Star B White Lightening

    Sounds like that manager was trying to screw you for having you come in for a baseline and then run a pickup route. I would have told him that's the choice they made by scheduling me doubles and not giving me enough work.

    From what it sounds like you were only given an OLCC which isn't eligible for a GFT.

    On topic to your accident though, if they "think" you did it, and they get it in writing that they "think" you did it and they fire you, you can claim unemployment or you could GFT it and get your job back. They(Customer/FX) could claim you were cockeyed backing into the dock therefore that's why it was only on one side.... It just sounds like your new manager is a dick though.
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  12. Route 66

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    It sounds like you’re on pretty thin ice there, even if the judgement goes in your favor. I’d be actively looking at other avenues. I fear your longevity at this company is in rather serious peril unless you cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ for the foreseeable future.

    I do want to commend you in identifying the subject employee as being yourself however. It’s amazing the number of ding-dongs who come on here with similar tales of woe and swear they’re “only inquiring on behalf of another co-worker - really this isn’t about me. I always register with forums to fight other people’s battles”. So props for that and good luck to you.
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  13. TNT Frosty

    TNT Frosty Member

    Dont know if you guys have a union over there, but ours would suggest that, to ask if they can prove/show that yes it was "said driver"... and even if so, if by video to send it over to see if your just driving like a loony, or if you were still going steady, and just miss judge. Heck, even as a new driver, most are given "verbal, or at times written".
    Company hates paying for damages (logical really, wouldn't you hate paying for something your worker damaged).

    Dont know if its too late, but maybe ask. "Hey, with that reversing damage to the door, can they prove that is was me, and if so, to send the video to you, so we can see if I was reckless, or just a simple human error"

    Good luck either way (if it does go south, hopefully you can find work fast, as over here it goes on record that you reversed into door, not that your let go)
  14. cancan

    cancan Member

    It sounds like your manager is trying to get rid of you. A lot of times if someone is marked by management, they will just be waiting for the opportunity. I am willing to bet there are a few couriers in your station that got in an accident and it was quietly covered up.
    If you want to keep your job, ride the investigation out and if you get terminated, GFT it until it goes to the VP and hope they are old school and don't always side with your management.
    Personally, I would take another opportunity and move on unless you are prepared to move, because I think your days are numbered at that station.
    If its not this thing that gets you, it will be the next thing a couple years down the line.
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  15. Star B

    Star B White Lightening

    No union now and probably for a long, long time. Freddy weaseled his way into locking us into "An airline that just happens to own a huge fleet of trucks... ". which puts us under horrible union forming language.
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  16. Rockinahardspot

    Rockinahardspot New Member

    I ended up getting lucky and accepting a job offer. But they did terminate me. I still filled out the GFT form and mailed it to Memphis only because they said they would vouch for me because they wanted me back but had to follow FedEx policy. Although I honestly don’t plan to go back now. I have another claim filed against me from the accident I mentioned during my recent poor performances. The other driver I got into a car accident with (this was prior to the dock door incident.....yes, I’ve had a rough start this year) went to a law firm and filed a claim against me to have my personal insurance company pay for the damages. I was in the company vehicle under fedex’s insurance though, so I’m not really sure I can be held liable nor my personal car insurance. Wouldn’t FedEx and their insurance be? I’m officially done with driving as a career though. I’ve discovered after these recent events that it’s best I pursue another career path. Haha
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  17. Oldfart

    Oldfart Well-Known Member

    I hope your new job doesn't involve driving. Might not be the right career path for you. Good luck.
  18. TNT Frosty

    TNT Frosty Member

    It will go through the companies (FedEx Insurance.. or as we like to say.. the company will just pay)

    I would suggest on that part then, speaking to your insurance company, to let them know of hey, X is trying to claim against you, but I was working for FedEx, driving their FedEx truck.
    Also when their insurance calls, just let them know, they need to go after FedEx insurance. (Speak to your supervisor or manager.. who ever your friendly with for the insurance claim stuff/forms); if you cant get said information, you just give them the terminals number, and guessing your recruiters name/the person who you spoke too about said crash.
    It is why all companies should have what is known as a "Public liability insurance" (dont know if that what you guys call it in the states as well)

    Best way, to end this, is to let them know as well, that after all of this, that you feel that this isnt the career path for you, and that you have learned alot, and dont regret it, but your looking for the career that suits you, and not one thats in the driving world.

    Side story, when I had a golf GTI hit my fuel tank at low speed in a shopping center, the women went through a stop sign, and failed to yield, ripped out the front end of her car, and tore out all the electrical with the tank straps.
    Took photos for insurance/to give to work, and it was all on the security cameras as well... so once we got the car out of the way, made sure the little boy was find, and even got a VW badge as a reward for his grandmas poor driving.. I left.. did the report... and thought that was end of it, as she said she knew she was in the wrong, and was grateful that she did no real damage to the truck (orange spray paint, and polish = done)
    Month later, the husband (grandfather) calls up the shopping centers security demanding that they look for me, and give him my number so he can take me to court for speeding as it was my fault, not FedEx/TNT... but me personally. (guessing thinking I wont have good lawyers, not knowing mine are the same as FedEx/TNT)

    Side note, ive been dropping off trailers to this shopping center for a few years now, and know most of the guards and even the owners by name, even have a chat and laugh at times, so we get along well, they even get cars/vans moved aside if they in the way for too long, I help with taking empty pallets. So I have a few of their numbers in my phone, and via-versa

    The number 2 guard calls me into his little camera office, and tells the guy that he can not give my number out due as he doesn't have it, and even if he did he cant due to privacy laws.
    But if he comes to the center to look for me and harass me, they will have no option but to bar him from the center as they have cameras clearly showing her not even stopping, and even as the front of the LARGE ORANGE truck front door was past her car.. she still kept going and hit the fuel tank, but lucky that I was doing the speed limit, and came to an almost dead stop once she did hit.
    Never heard from them again, but we are sure they still shop there.
  19. cancan

    cancan Member

    They always say that, it makes terminating people easier for them and gives the employee some unfounded hope. Although, you might have actually had a good case. Most employees just move on which is usually the best thing for everyone.

    You will be covered by Fedex's insurance. Don't worry about that.

    Congratulations on your new path. I enjoyed my years at Express and made some great friends there. It is a good job for unskilled people who don't or can't seek a higher education. Your best years I think you will find are on the other side of the X, because there is simply no where to go there in terms of a rewarding long term career pursuit without moving to Memphis.
  20. 59 Dano

    59 Dano This is 1980, can't you afford a f***ing haircut?

    Anyone who would sue you directly instead of your employer is an idiot.