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Man, doesn’t any one of the office monkeys want to have the balls to step up for their work force and truly assert themselves into UPS management?
Positive results are positive results. You don’t get positive results by abusing the workforce.
The workforce will respond in kind when you stick up for them.
The office ladies at my Center usually stick up for us Drivers, but they have little to no authority and are simply ignored.

It'd be nice if the ORS' and RPCD's could have each other's back more since we both get ruthlessly harassed. This might work if the ORS' solution to being harassed by the Center or District manager wasn't to turn around and harass their drivers. My current ORS is pretty good; she often relates to me the abuse she suffers from our District Manager and her low morale is palpable (Way to go UPS!) Wonder how far a Teamster/ORS joint HR report would travel?

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Resource transport and oversized loads for one. I don't know the exact figures because they were never jobs that I was interested in enough to fully research though. I remember the guys hauling wind turbine blades were making well into six figures.
The folks who replace bulbs in the antenna towers on skyscrapers make some good $$ ?

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Not even sure if they’d want him
Most people are impressed by him though
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They will ( fire) you into the Heaven's if you brought a truck back half full. Should have went out there, choke to death communicated with management gave a 14hr ETA. Refuse, to take pkgs in the cabin for safety reasons get the steward involved for a witness. If he truly had 240 stops on a rural route there is No scientific way he could of finished in 14hrs with 1 exception. Maybe if he the truck with multiple drones.
This is absolute truth. Bravo.
Make sure it is documented before leaving with mgmt and a steward. One pkg...one stop at a time...bring back 200 whatever...it'll get fixed.

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It's hilarious that you need to use what people make in third world countries to help support your argument that "$150k is arguably the best pay in the world"

You're absolutely right. LOT'S of stupidity here on BC and you're about 90% of it lol.
K. That was for perspective. Look it up.

Now Boy Genius, let's see em. Those better jobs....back up your big mouth.