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    How do they actually come up with the raises? @#%@$ five years got me an extra 660 bucks a year! WHAT BS!

    What the hell? DO Div managers just like sticking it to P/t sups?

    Hell if my managment would stay the same for more than 3 months i might actually be noticed!

    Can some one really get a raise if they change departments EX go from operations to PE or Security to IE?

    From what i know you have have an engineering degree or working on it to get in to PE, IE? then why the hell are they not paid more?
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    You make it sound like any one with an engineering degree is smarter and a better employee than anyone else within the company. You are a fool. While it is well known that it takes a lot of education and smarts to get a degree in engineering, it doesn't mean you can run a business.

    There are several people out there in the world who can count beans and solve complex equations. But can they do more than that? Bottomline is that drivers bring in the money. Operations is directly over the drivers. Most operations people are former drivers and know what works, and what doesnt. There are some things you just cant learn through a textbook.

    With that said, it sounds like you would fit right in with I.E.
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    As someone once said, "Education Is No Excuse For Ignorance"::censored2::
  4. DS

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    ups is not for you
    find another job
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    This guy and people like him is why UPS is going down. Managment should be required to deliver parcels for 6 months to a year thats an education in reality before considering your formal education:mad:

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

    I agree Dave mandatory 12 mo driving w/ peak experience!
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    You must be union....I work as an admin for the airline...guess what department I'm in...I now make 20 grand more a year than I did when I first started in this department a mere 5 1/2 years ago!!! Don't know from which hole you all came from...but you need to move to Louisville and get a job with the airline.
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    Dave, I agree too. I would kill to be a driver, even for just a day - it is where all the action is. I could learn so much just through doing it.

    Believe it or not, I was too young to drive when I was an hourly and my current manager is not too thrilled with the idea of me running around in browns... so I'm stuck, for the time being.
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    i have an idea load on the out bound belt in the ghetto in peak season when no one wants to come to work so you are always slammed for 8.50 an hour. then talk to me. I could give a stanger 26.50 an hour to kiss my butt! you arguement holds no weight!

    learning exp yes
    requried no!

    degree needed to be promoted yes

    does that make me smarter YES thats what its for its proof!

    proof i have the ablity to manage time, school, work ,and a personal life.
    AND most importantly have the capacity to expand my knowledge at a higher level!

    SCS and PSI bring in the money now adays not drivers! drivers are just advertisment. When we went to the new logo they took down all the signs that said "united parcel service" why casue thats not where the money comes from! it comes from educated people making buisness deals

    B.S. In Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Minor in math and Buisness
    Started and sold two of my own buinesses, 2 pending patents!

    I can do what ever i put my mind to!
    that includes managing drivers and running a buisness!

    buisness is about the bottom dollar not union dues!
  10. Gibby,

    As a member of management I can honestly say that you have no concept of reality. Son, I have far more education than you and I can honestly tell you UPS is a company like no other. Our IE departments almost drove this company into the ground with the poor start up of PAS and the pathetic volume forcasts for this past peak season. Industrial Eng, I think NOT.

    The most valuable experience I have came not from the honors I earned from my GPA but from the real work experience at UPS, loading, driving, P/T sup, etc. Every job at UPS has its own challenges and LOW points. From the F/T supervisors that cannot staff their operations with loaders or P/T sups in both ghetto and wealthy areas of the country, to the porters who have the luxery of cleaning up the black soot that shoots out of the loaders nose when they run to the restroom.

    Sure there are plenty of knuckleheads that hide behind and within the Teamster organization. On the flip side, there are plenty of ignorant members of management that hide behind the little piece of paper a college passes out.
    My success came not from flashing a degree to my drivers or loaders or IE reps but from the respect I had earned from my hourly employees because I could point to most jobs and say "been there, done that". If you dont see the value of learning to run a route scratch (that means within the UPS allowed time frame big boy) when it is 100 degrees and humid or Ten Below Zero outside you, my friend, are not worthy to be a partner in this organization. Leaders can lead by example, they can walk the talk, they CANNOT lead at UPS by quotes from a college book.

    Finally, history and legacy are very important at UPS. Where do you think the profits came from to build an air operation, to build our logistics dept., to expand internationally and buy Overnight and Sonic Air. I dont know if you learned it at school, it came from our GROUND volume son. It was, is and forever shall be the revenue source that makes all other aspects of our business so profitable. Please respond if you do not understand this, Ill be happy to explain it in detail for you.
  11. GIBBY14

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    IE.....EMPLOYEES NO IE STUDENT eskew is the only IE grad i know of

    4 years of school
    5 years of ups WORK exp

    "The expertise required by an Industrial Engineer will include some or all of the following elements. People with limited education qualifications, or limited experience may specialize in only a few."...ref www.Wikipedia
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    browntruth....Your ego is showing. In my 43 years of being a UPSer (6 years driving, 26 years management, and 11 retired), I have seen several management people like you, none of who were sucessful in the long term. The condesending tone of your posts speaks volumes of your management abilities. Telling someone that you're more educated than them, that you "been there, done that", and to blame others (I.E.) for mistakes show that it's you who has no concept of how a real partnership works.

    True leadership comes from having the respect of those you lead, not from the ability to perform the job. The manager's job is to motivate the employee to perform the task, and having the skill to perform the task doesn't motivate. It is management's responsibility to let the employee know what is expected and hold them accountable. Having a degree doen't guarrentee someone will have leadership abilities, nor does not having a degree guarrentee someone will not have leadership abilities.
    Leadership is a personality trait which not everyone has nor does everyone wish to have. There are those who have the ability but for whatever reason decide not to use, and those who do not have the ability and try to use unsuccesfully.
  13. GIBBY14

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    IE.....EMPLOYEES NO IE STUDENT Eskew is the only IE grad I know of

    4 years of school
    5 years of ups WORK exp

    "The expertise required by an Industrial Engineer will include some or all of the following elements. People with limited education qualifications or limited experience may specialize in only a few."...ref Wikipedia

    If expertise is limited so is judgment! I do not work in IE I will agree with anyone who does not like our IE dept. This is why UPS has the largest IE dept in the world in which case less then 25% actually have studied this field in college or a related science! No education = No good! No exp in brown = Worse decision making! UPS is also the most numeric driven company! By the least qualified numerical individuals! Hence the reason WHY the company said it would save 2mill if car washers could shave 10 seconds off every car washed!

    GROUND = history lesson
    SCS/PSI= future

    Ground can and always be the base of this company, but the NEW money does not come from there!
    As for me I have the respect of my employees! I did what they did! I’m not a driver who was hired off the street to a full time driver! I don’t flash my degree but it is my cornerstone of my career.
    And I’m happy to hear you have more education than I.

    BUT in all this you missed the point of this post!
    Like most management and drivers a like the first thing you did was talk bad about the other person, Then yourself in such a way to create a hierarchical conversation where you one up the other person as if negotiating something. Then build upon yourself with other qualifications. That in a point where not asked for at all or needed for you to voice your opinion.
    The next time you have a problem at work don’t try to solve it with the past, use new thoughts based upon old, but don’t forget which problem you are facing. Meaning do not loose sight of the goal when thinking about how it used to work! Reason Why PAS system did not work. Stubborn people! If all accepted the descions made and went with it instead of fighting it they might realize that proven theory does work.
    So if you like go ahead tell me about raises? Or yourself and the IE dept!
  14. Ups_vette,

    First thanks for that many years of service to the company. Second, if my post appeared to be condisending, to you or anyone, i do apoligize. I would suggest you read the comment again to which I responded and perhaps you will have a better understanding of my intentions.

    You stated that true leadership comes from having the respect of those you lead. I would argue regardless if the leader is in business, the military, etc. a leader is far more likely to gain the respect of those they lead by having already lived the experiences he/she is preparing the group for.

    Life at UPS has changed a great deal since you left my friend. There will continue to be a decrease in the number of on road supervisors and managers (as related to the number of drivers). A good member of management is "to let the employee know what is expected of them and hold them accountable". I could do this each and every day by simply detailing expected SPORH, over-allowed, etc by driver and holding the teamster contract book tightly next to the policy book.

    I wont contest a single bit of wisdom or experience you gained in your many dedicated years at UPS. Please allow me the courtesy of admitting that perhaps the company has changed as the times have. There isnt the time in an operations managers day to simply crack the whip and hold accountable. I need and rely on buy-in from everyone to make up for the physical resourcecs me lack today.

    In conclusion, i'll still cast my occasional stone at IE. Our peak season was marked by a 20-30% understatement of volume and stops. Yet even a "leader" like me was able to guide a little corner of UPS through it, beating our cost and production targets and one of the top 3 improvements in ERI for the year. The credit i deserve = NONE. Ill defer it all to my employees. I have no time or desire for ego so again i apoligize if i gave you the wrong impression
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    Hey the browntruth has my vote. You sound like one of the better managers I use to work for. ups_vette is a bit out of touch with the pulse of this company when he agrees with a genius like gibby (who holds patents by the way) and knows the "future" of how ups is to succeed. Out of touch be-"cuz" you forget that a package still needs a curtious face to you front door or desk wether its his/her 1st stop or his/her 150th, you forget the loader picking ups hunderds of pounds of pottery barn crap to big for the freaking belts, you forget the that hard physical work still needs to be done no matter what system is use. Until you learn that fact your raises and projections, promotions, degrees and other baloney do not hold this company together sweat does gibby try it sometime...gibby
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    Is Gibby short for "giblet" ??
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    ....or maybe "gibberish"?
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    Something tells me I would like working for you...
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    Unclog your ears idiot...you are not getting promoted, not because your white, but because you have a SHI*** attitude, pure and simple.