Re-Dedicate Yourself to WAD

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    Route 66 already touched on this, but I want to hammer it home. Now is the time to renew your vows to WAD, because not caring is just adding to their many, many problems. Most people WAD anyhow once they figure out that FedEx is a dead end, but there are exceptions.

    Van, I'm going to pick on you because you won't WAD, and are the perfect example of the employee who won't learn their lesson. You claim working hard "protects you", which is true to a limited extent, but you cannot see the forest for the trees. As long as they have a few "Vans" who will do the work of 2 people and gladly take-on extra responsibility...they win. In order for WAD to really work, we all need to do the bare minimum.

    Right now, they're barely squeaking-by, and the press has yet to grasp the imminence of total meltdown at Express. A full commitment to WAD will expedite the failure of Express and begin to bring out the change we all desire. Can you imagine the impact of news headlines telling the public not to use FedEx Express this holiday season? Most of us realize that a near total gridlock Fredageddon is just around the corner, so let's help upper management out and get them to that goal so much more quickly.

    Come to Jesus...err, Fred, and spread the gospel of WAD to the purple heathens out there who just can't stop living the dead and buried Purple Promise. Take these people into a corner and "explain" it to them with a bat, if necessary, because they just don't "get it".

    WAD. They won't fire you because they are incredibly short of people already, and WAD out of self-respect to make them pay for what they've done to all of us.

    WAD. It's what Jesus would do.
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    Well I certainly didn't "WAD" in the past but am fortunate to have a route now that's about the driving, no speed needed. The towns I deliver in all have speed limits of 15-25 mph due to topography and I'm too old and broke down to do windsprints anymore. But I do remember the frustration of doing an honest job, working hard and going above and beyond while others skated and/or milked. I really believe that FedEx figures there's a tremendous amount of milking going on and thus factors that into the raises they give, which definitely doesn't reward the hard workers. I'll give you that it's foolish to work extra hard these days because there really isn't any getting ahead financially. But then again back in the good ole days I got 6.4 reviews working twice as hard as topped out couriers who got 7's so the game has always been rigged. Ultimately people work hard because it's the way they were raised, in their DNA. For them I'd say keep in mind the hard work you do for FedEx today won't get you ahead, but it will visit you 25 years from now in aches and pains. Do yourself a favor and find something rewarding.
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    I don't disagree with that. In fact Smith is very paranoid that the workforce is out to ef' him over so he has gone into full combat with all the micromanaging these last 20 years coupled with poor raises, ignoring useful employee suggestions and executing an insulting approach towards employee morale.

    However when it comes to milking, nobody does it better than Fred's upper management.
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    When I started in 1989, most everyone in the station worked their butts off and drank the cool aid.
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    Continued. ...we all did what it took for the cause. Even when the union scare happened in the mid 90's most people were turned off by it because fedex was descent back then. It's when the sneeky rla was put in that fedex turned on us. Slowly but surely fedex started taking things away. After we got the Malcom Baldrige award it was all about pleasing wall street and greed. The Frontline employee went from being an asset to a liability. Also, slowly taking away our benifits, micromanaging, started taking its toll helping create the type of don't care employee we have today. The final straw for me was the horrible pension plan we were handed. Now, most of us could care less about the cause. We don't hurry, we help customers get refunds by informing them when a package is late or damaged, whatever it takes for fedex to pay up. Van, I feel fedex drew first blood and created the environment we have today. They intended to screw us over regardless of the high number of hard workers their are. It's payback time and this peak is a great start to put the hammer down.