Read Between the Lines - Update to UPS Contract re: Retiree Healthcare Costs

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    Based on the current update from, On the subject of retiree health care costs..... (Letter Below)

    1) I think it is clear that that there WILL be an increase in the cost of retiree health care benefits for those in company plans.

    2) It appears that our Teamster negotiators WILL attempt to control health care costs for ACTIVES.. (not retirees)

    Hmmm... should we actives vote to protect the retirees in a similar manner to that of protecting yet to be hired employees in a possible two tier drivers wage scale? Once again, we will be faced with voting to protect the rights of new (yet to be hired) and/or former employees who are unable to represent (vote) themselves..... IMHO...there is no easy answer to this question.....


    January 17, 2013

    Two weeks of negotiations with UPS and UPS Freight wrapped up on Jan. 17 in Washington with progress made on both the UPS and UPS Freight contracts, said General Secretary-Treasurer hall, Package Division Director.

    In UPS Freight negotiations, the UPS Freight National Negotiating Committee has been making steady progress. The Committee addressed seniority and work week issues, as well as protections for medically disqualified drivers.

    In UPS negotiations, progress was made on 9.5 language, military leave and stewards’ rights. The UPS National Negotiating Committee began tackling the issue of SurePost, including redirecting more packages to Teamster drivers.

    "On the issue of health care, I reiterated that we will fight UPS' outrageous plan to dramatically increase the cost of health care for retirees in company plans," hall said. "We will not allow the company put the entire burden of health care on the backs of the retirees who made the company what it is today."UPS has continually complained about health care costs at the bargaining table. Unfortunately, we expect UPS negotiators to propose that Teamsters pay a substantial portion of their monthly premiums for health insurance. We will fight any attempt by the company to raise the cost of health care for actives.

    Negotiations for both UPS and UPS Freight are scheduled to resume Jan. 28 in Dallas.

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  2. Monkey Butt

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    I guess it is how you read it -

    "propose that Teamsters pay a substantial portion of their monthly premiums for health insurance"

    could be construed that the Teamsters will pay a portion of the retiree health care costs ... a glimmer of hope.
  3. Inthegame

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    Retirees worked for UPS, yet to be hired do not. As an active that gets to vote you're working so will someday be retired. Not that tough of a call ...IMHO
  4. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    We have the final vote...a NO vote.
  5. rudy5150

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    So your telling me part timers making $10 an hour are going to have to pay for health benefits to help retirees making 5-6 grand a month?
  6. 104Feeder

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    Voting for a contract that raises retiree health care costs would only be slitting my own throat on down the line (and lengthening the distance to retirement). I won't sell out the Brothers & Sisters who built foundation that led to the Contract I enjoy today.
  7. purplesky

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    Union retirees making 6k a month? That must be 45 years of service.:wink2:
  8. rudy5150

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    nope some even make 7k in upstate ny ...
  9. UnsurePost

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    In New England, I forget the exact #, but it's around $5,500/mo for 30 years. May actually be more than that, but roughly speaking.

    I have 8.5 years of pension credit (11 years worked) and it's worth over $2k/mo at retirement age.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This is not true.
  11. stoni24

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    So the big issue is retiree health care cost. The former employees, who for years, neglected to get the $8.50 PT starting wage raised, that I was hired in on. Some probably even voted for this current contract that only gives me a .50 cent raise for 3 consecutive years. Guess I'll take the same selfish approach to voting on the next contract.
  12. Monkey Butt

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    I guess Part-Timers aren't Brothers & Sisters then.
  13. UpsYours

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    in upstate ny ...its approx. $5400 for 30 years, age 55 right now.
  14. edd_tv

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    You forgot the part about it taking you longer to go full time now days as well as full time jobs being cut. That's what I see as a major concern.
  15. stoni24

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    truth is it really doesn't even concern me anymore. I'm a tcd and can drive enuf to make all the money I want. But the whole company has a much bigger underlying problem from this. We can not retain PT's anymore. Turnover is really high in my little area. Last one that walked out told me " I can't afford to work here". And he was telling the truth. No bennies for a year, constantly laid off, any holiday is unpaid first year. It's a big problem and needs to b addressed this contract.
  16. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    If the cost to retirees was raised it would not be 'slitting our own throats'; we actives (except those very close to retirement) can adjust our plans accordingly so as to minimize the impact to ourselves come our retirement, much as those with time on their side more and more are not optimistic about having Social Security when they retire, and are planning accordingly. And I do not think there are enough who will risk their livelihood (anyone with the foresight to see how affecting the retiree plan can affect them, or the wisdom to see it is not just (as in "justice") to do this to those came before us should also be able to ascertain that a strike this time would have ramifications more profound and longer-lasting than '97; it could literally cripple the company, and those who work for it).

    The two-tiered wage system is a little more relevant, in that some would say it is yet another way to stick it to part-timers, to say nothing of the 'unborn'. Not only won't we support them in getting a decent wage NOW, but now we are affecting their glimmer of hope tor the future. Having worked for UPS FT with a top rate less than $25/hr, I don't see anyone getting 'screwed', although for a company with billions to spare it shouldn't come down to this (as an aside, people always say the money 'goes to the shareholders; other than dividends-which Hoax has said is rather on the meager side-shareholders get no money; what isn't spent on one thing or another is just 'sat on', so the company can look good and be valued more, so a shareholder can get more if/when they sell, which for most ain't today). That being said, since no one is really screwed, again how many will risk their livelihood for what is essentially a philosophical debate?

    Health care for actives is different, for they really would be messing with our livelihoods. Same thing-to a lesser degree-with allowing discipline based on electronic means, with their unproven and somewhat shady track record. 9.5 language doesn't affect our livelihod, but does our quality of life, which is just as important. however, it probably won't be something like "auto dbl/tpl time after 9.5"; that would punish the company if anyone got the OT, whether they wanted it or not, and whether the company could really do anything about it, short of targeting drivers who look really bad performance wise, and enough enjoy the OT (or don't mind it) to fight back. But something will probably happen.
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  17. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I predict that UPS will be the big winner in the upcoming contract.
  18. 104Feeder

    104Feeder Phoenix Feeder

    How so?
  19. beentheredonethat

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    Look at their pay rate, compare it to their payrate in the early 80's before the pay rate for new hires was lowered. Virtually all the money in the contracts went to awarding the FT'ers. I get the reason why, in that they are the one that votes. But, they are the lion's share of the employees (granted who don't vote much) and yet they do not get the lion's share (or even their share) of the extra money in each contract.
  20. InsideUPS

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    Honestly rod...... I would not even refer to your comment as a "prediction". It is a well known fact that UPS has been the winner in EVERY contract....UPS profits are proof positive of this fact. I know Scott Davis ($10 million plus salary) would certainly agree with you.. The primary accomplishments of our Teamster negotiators have been limited to "redistributing" the wealth among full-time employees and part-time employees. Obviously other protections have been negotiated but not always enforced... Subcontracting for example (Article 32).... Even though the current contract forbids subcontracting....the IBT has agreed to SurePost and Mail Innovations.... Don't get me wrong...I'm all for making our company more competitive with delivery options like SurePost... but when the company starts reducing routes to the point that 9.5 grievances skyrocket and full-time driving opportunities fade away.... I tend to get a little "less understanding" of what might be considered "Corporate Greed"....

    The simple fact is that each and every employee (non-Board management & hourly) is NOT compensated adequately for the time, work, and sacrifice they put into the company. (note: no amount of money can compensate for lost family time) Public employee pensions are far superior to that of any UPS employee (outside the UPS Board)...not to mention their hours and working conditions.

    The people I really feel sorry for are the current part-time work force waiting to go driving.... and those current drivers who had many years as a part-timer.. When you actually calculate your pension for your combined time..... be prepared to start negotiating for many more handicapped parking spaces outside of your UPS building. GOOD LUCK if you can ever get a straight answer in WRITING on what you will actually receive when you retire..... (Hint: your part-time years will not count as 1/2 the number of years toward your full time retirement....example... part timer working 10 years is NOT equal to working 5 years full-time.. All in the SPD.. (Summary Plan Description...) ( NOT trust the full-time online calculator)
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