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  1. Kis124

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    At our pcm this morning, we were informed that we need to hydrate BEFORE our shift...not during...I don't know about other people, but at 2 am all I want to drink is coffee. Sups in a extreme bad moods today more so than ever....:fightings:
  2. Brownslave688

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    Yeah it's pretty common knowledge u need to hydrate before physical exertion. You can't hydrate fast enough to keep up with the fluids being lost. However even though water is best your body really isn't picky about what kind of fluids it gets soda tea even coffee help keep you hydrated as long as its not extreme heat. I always try to drink a large glass of water before bed and as soon as I get up.

    Somehow my wife never buys the line that I'm just trying to keep her hydrated.....
  3. splozi

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    I think her concern is that you are unable to supply her with enough fluid to keep her sufficiently hydrated.

    Maybe we should all pitch in?
  4. rod

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    So is the OP saying they don't want them taking time to take a drink while they are sorting?
  5. ORLY!?!

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    Drink a ton a ton a beer many hours before work, is what their saying...
  6. Monkey Butt

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    Obviously did not get his/her coffee before the sort.
    It is a good idea to hydrate as much as you can before the sort but you have to stay hydrated during the sort too.
    Bring a jug/bottle f water and fill up before the sort and at break and drink on area.
  7. ryansox

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    Oh yea they stopped giving us the water talk. One time the temp sup gave us a very interesting pcm every morning. Stop bring in our coffee was one day. Also another day they actually walked around asking us for our water bottles.
  8. Kis124

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    We don't get breaks...they want us working every second. Give us a hard time if we have to de-hydrate..our start time has been 4:30..and shut down by 8...So no time for water they say...
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    ssshh no tears only dreams now
  10. Kis124

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    dreams of retirement in about 20 years...
  11. TearsInRain

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    ask them if they'll give more allowance in your planned day for the increase in bathroom breaks

    that'll be lulzy
  12. BigBeef42

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    PCM's are the best thing on earth. Sarcasm?

    I remember, my old boss used to whine about bathroom breaks. Can you say urinary-tract infection? Not me personally, but you can imagine. Drinking tons of fluids, but whining about the consequntial bathroom breaks? UPS at it's finest.
  13. btrlov

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    UPS abuses people so naturally its paranoid that it will be abused, that's why they whine about bathroom breaks... they abusive employees and the employees abusive them back. Its all nonsense.
  14. BigBeef42

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    It really is nonsense. back and forth like children. The older I get the more I understand that people are just big-children. People never grow up, and they bring there behavior to work. They wear polo shirts and whine about too many bathroom breaks. ;)
  15. Dirk Balloon

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    This haha.

    Sadly, this is already somewhat true for me. Il take the hit and not drink water at times. If I stop sorting the slide will jam and then I am taking time away from my sup or the sorter who has to run down and help (I wish I could climb on the slide instead of using a hook).

    I actually do respect my sups and management. Feb - May our belt did extremely well, so now we are treated like competent adults.