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    lets just blame the ie guys. those pencil pushers look at #s and upper mngt looks at what they receive from ie. in my center the # of trips spring and fall 49 come summer they cut to 44-45 the volume drops slightly but the guys who dont get cut go from 8.5 to 10.5-11.5. go figure more del. more p/u 90 degrees and unformilliar surroundigs,a recipe for disaster.oh 1 thing two guys on either side of me get 8hr days both in separate loops i get screwed twice with ones deliveries and the others p/u's does that seem fair
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    I recieved an approved 8 hour day along with 4 others in my building on Friday, and out of the 5 I am the most senior. I was dispatched with over 200, which is my normal dispatch to get done by 830 pm and told it would be taken care of later. At 3 when I sent a message reminding my sup I had an extra 50 stops still waiting for help with I was instructed to continue delivering and if I brought anything back to the building I would be terminated on the spot. I was also told that request 8's are not guaranteed and when I asked the BA I was told to not fight it and work as instructed then file a grievance on Monday. BTW the other request 8's recieved code 5's or were off within 8 hours. My question is are they guaranteed when approved, or just a guideline?
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    You need to check your contract as language differs per region.

    In my region, Central it is under Art 19, Sec 3, pg 197.

    Unless the wording in your supplemental is different than mine your supe is dead wrong and violated the contract because he can, not because he is right.


    Filing will begin building a paper trail of management abuse of the contract which they hate.

    If your management team is ethical they will pay more attention to honoring the contract regarding you.

    If they are unethical they will attempt to retaliate.

    As the grunt on the scene you have to judge which type you have and what the upholding of the article is worth to you.
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    If your 8 was approved and you were "told it would be taken care of later.", I would also make a complaint to the Corporate Ethics Hotline. You were lied to, pure and simple.

    Also, book off the next Friday that you know they'll be short people. Hopefully, the lying, unethical sup will have to pull a route that day. Make sure you give him a big smile Monday when you explain that you had the sniffles. Its called PAYBACK.
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    toonerto, agreed with all you said! good posts.
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    Lets see a preload thats 40% down on employees
    6 out of a "normal" 10-11.(yes its a small center)
    some of the work is covered by Mgrs training PT sups.

    Cutting 2+ routes a day.

    So lets see, overworked preloaders, loads suffer
    splits and combo's galore. Confused drivers
    running cover during the vacation season. So
    drivers getting Poor loads, with unusual splits
    in overloaded vehicles they don't quite know..

    Sounds an A+ plan to me... I dunno WTF is going on.
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    Well, mine isn't a small center, but yes, that is a pretty good description of what's going on here as well.

    We added three power unloader belts out of the trailers and went down not only on unloaders, but also preloaders even though the new equipment increases the output rate.

    Packages are stacked, thrown and fallen everywhere and safety egress issues are permanent ignored fixtures on the safety concern log and management says we are not understaffed.

    Multiple routes being eliminated on certain days and the remaining drivers going out with 30 to 50 stops over their maxes on country routes.

    Missed packages galore and the usual major increase in "bad adds" and "locates".