RETIREE INSURANCE MAX ONLY $200,000.00 not very much coverage

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    Fellow brown employees I have read many of your posts, some are good some not so good!! My biggest concern with whole insurance issue is that the new teamcare insurance is only going to payout $200,000.00. This is not very much coverage if you need major surgery or if you get sick. I know the Taft Hartley laws waived all the unions rights to have to cover everyone with at least 2 million dollars in coverage. My fellow worker's The two things that must be changed is the max coverage for the retirees and the fact that central states can change coverage at any time they feel like they want. The insurance is good insurance just don't retire and get sick!! I am still voting No for these reason's!
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    I guess your going to need the updated vision plan....

    look again at what it says and stop trying to start s*it

    Annual Plan Maximum $200,000 per person per calendar year

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    Obamacare gets rid of any limits.
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    Not true. Obamacare only applies to plans with active employees. Not retired.
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    Open heart surgery is two hundred thousand dollars. I had a customer who did outpatient chemo for prostrate cancer it cost seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Two hundred thousand dollars is not much coverage even if it per person per year. You couple the two hundred thousand dollar with the fact that you pay more out of pocket expenses with retiree insurance under teamcare, go to the my teamcare website if don't believe me. It will be bad enough that we will retire on 60% less income than we currently receive and on top of that we have to pay on our insurance as well. I am not the one who is stirring the s##t I am the one who stating the facts. Maybe it's you who needs to get their vision checked. ***************
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    Sounds might have to do more than just live off the UPS teat until you die. You might even need a 401k, or to pay for supplemental insurance.

    You're right, unacceptable. Will vote no.
  7. brown_trousers

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    By the time one of us retires from UPS, we have bought and paid for that UPS "teat" you speak of in full. So yes, I will milk the $-hit out of that teat after I retire, because its mine to milk
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    When I retire the teat I will be milking will be that of my Teamster pension fund.
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    Good point... UPS is no longer involved after you retire.
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    Not completely true. UPS still handles the part time pensions, and they bought out the full time Teamster pensions from the union and are responsible for it until you are 65. Pension checks still come from UPS in Atlanta.