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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by av8torntn, Sep 19, 2009.

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    I was thinking the other day about why do only professional politicians run for Congress. I mean if someone like Waters or McKinney can get elected why couldn't I. I thought it may be good to inject my opinions into the political debate and who knows possibly move some of the opinion in my direction. I would campaign on the promise to vote no on everything. We have enough laws and we pay enough taxes. I then identified two things that would have to be done. 1) raise money. At first this would seem like the largest challenge since the front runner here has raised over $700,000. Let's just say this is not the largest challenge. 2) Get on the ballot. This has proven the be the most difficult thing. You cannot run as an independent. You must gain a nomination from a party official. This seems almost un American that so many roadblocks would be thrown up to prevent people from seeking public office. I really had no point just wanted to vent. :happy-very:
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    You are a regular Thomas Jefferson AV8, too bad you dont understand the nature and mutation of todays democracy.

    While everyone who wants to run for office believes they will be the ones who change the nature of washington, but it just aint gonna happen ACE...

    The days of Thomas Jefferson are long gone.

    Today, the only influence former presidents and officials from the founding fathers have on politics today is on the bills that pass hands in the halls of congress and the senate.

    This you will never be able to infiltrate. Both parties are guilty of poluting our system of goverment and each share an equal blame.

    Your Idea of Mr. Smith goes to washington is only a falicy in thought.

    The complications of running for office begin and end with the almighty dollar plain and simple.

    Your integrity means absolutely nothing.

    Save your time, effort and energy and take up fishing. Oh, and lose the guns.

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    The mighty TOS has spoken! I am now going to the nearest police station to turn in my guns!

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    What I have found is that there are people willing to donate to a campaign for someone who shares their beliefs and values. The difficult part is getting on the ballot. It is simply amazing the roadblocks they can throw up.
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    I got three votes for Congress in the last election. My Congressman is David Scott, there is no way I would vote for him. He is one of these people who votes for everything that Nancy Pelosi tells him to, he apparently doesn't read billls and doesn't understand simple concepts like not spending more money than you have. So my wife, one of my sons, and myself wrote in my name on the ballet. I used to just not vote in a race if I didn't like either candidate, I think from now on I will just type my own name on the ballot. I couldn't do any worse than these low lifes we have in office now.
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    Thank you for wasting your vote. The democrats appreciate it.

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    Back when I was young and stupid, I used to vote for Democrats. But Jimmy Carter cured me of that. I added up all the taxes and hidden fees I pay and I decided that that I'm just not getting my money's worth. I get cheated out of about half of every dollar I make. Too bad some people never learn that government controlling everything is the worst thing that can happen. And its too bad that some people actually believe anything that any politician says to get elected.

    I also "wasted my vote" for Ross Perot, even though he had already dropped out of the race at that point. I am an Independant voter, I have never joined or gave one cent to any political party. Too bad some people aren't intelligent enough to think or take care of themselves, that the kind of people the Demoratic Party caters too. "Tax from the rich and give to the poor", that sounds great to a simpleton. There sure are a lot of filthy rich democrat politicians laughing at the American Public behind our backs. Why can't the government live within its own means and spend only what it has? Thats what normal thinking people do.