Saturday air driving scheduling changes - Laguna

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by bdmiz, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. bdmiz

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    At the Laguna building, our saturday air driving has been split into two start times. Before, every driver started at 8:15am and those that wanted a pickup string would get one. These drivers would work until 2:30pm with a lunch and one break. Those that didn't have a pickup string finish delivering at 12pm and are out by 12:30pm. They've now split it up, 8 drivers with the least seniority are forced to start at 1pm, do pickups until 2:15pm, then clock out at about 3pm. All the other drivers keep the 8:15am start time and do only deliveries.

    What they're trying to eliminate is the 15 minutes of downtime that pickup drivers have. Deliveries end at 12, lunch for 30 minutes, 15 minute break then pickups start at 1:15pm.

    I'm fully aware that I have a 3 hour guarantee on saturday, and that I'm only working 2 hours but getting paid for 3 but this to me is awful. I'm wondering if there is anything in the contract that would possibly discourage this type of scheduling. If anyone of these 8 drivers calls in sick, they would have to use a supervisor or call someone back to do the pickups.

    All these drivers are air/cover drivers. And the seniority they use is BUILDING seniority not driving seniority.
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    Lessee, 8 drivers times 15 minutes is two hours.

    8 drivers working two hours and getting paid for three is 8 hours.

    The contract can't stop management from being dumbasses. You can make sure they "call someone back", not "use a supervisor", but whether that will "discourage" them will depend on how determined they are to be dumbasses. And management can be extremely determined.
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    I believe the company is correct here. There exist no specific air driver seniority list in the contract.
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    Saturdays used to be well run at that building.
  5. bdmiz

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    How do I know if they are using supervisors to get those last few stops out that are left because they've split our schedules? They won't tell me.
    And what they're counting on is people skipping breaks and lunches on the delivery side.

    This entire building is going downhill extremely fast.
  6. redshift1

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    They are trying to lower the cost of Saturday operations by eliminating overtime hours which is necessitated by the weakening economy. They could care less whether you take your lunch or breaks thats up to you unless you are mandated by law to take a lunch. The last thing the supervisors want to do is extend their day by doing pick-ups. If you want more hours let the Saturday team know you're up for any additional hours like reparking cars or running shuttles. Remember the building management is being pounded
    by Corporate to reduce hours they are probably more miserable than you.
  7. bdmiz

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    Except that it's more cost effective to keep it the way it was. I don't understand why they would make a change like this if it wasn't more profitable.