Saturday air OT?

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    I posted this in another topic but it was old and had 58 posts so I'll make a new

    I work pre-load and run air. M-F Clocked out at 21hr preload and about 2 1/2 air. I was asked to run air tomorow ... Going to the airport sorting. Loading the truck up and bring it back to the hub for Monday and then deliver sat air. Is this all OT for me ?

    "This is called the pre-LOAD not the pre-STACK"
  2. BUCN85

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    I just thought of this. Being part time anything over 25hr will be OT anyways. Hmmm

    "This is called the pre-LOAD not the pre-STACK"
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The hours worked Saturday should be at the Sat driver pay rate.

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  4. And anything over 8 hours is time and a half for the Saturday.
  5. UPSGUY72

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    Read your supplement.... or ask another PT that has done that what the pay is.
  6. barnyard

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    It will not be OT. You are working a different job classification. You will only get OT if you work more than 8 hours, maybe 5. Check your contract and supplement, that is really the only way to know for sure.
  7. 1000RR

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    In my local anything over 5 hours a day for PT inside the hub is time and half. However over 5 hours a day and over 25 hours a week ARE NOT THE SAME THING. You don't get OT after 25 hours a week, at least not my area. I'm not sure how the air driving thing works.
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    Read Art 40. OT on Saturday only if you have worked over 40 hours Mon. thru Fri. Same with delivering air after Preload. OT after 8 hours combined for the day.
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