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    Changes are starting to trickle down now to the couriers at our station. Saturday O.T. is gone (as predicted here) and they are forcing about 15 part-timers to change their shift from Monday-Friday to having one day off during the week (bid based on seniority) and working Saturday mornings.

    We are a larger station and have about 30 Saturday routes, 15 of which are already covered by Tuesday-Saturday employees.

    Is there any recourse for these employees who will now have split days off?

    The couriers being forced to have a random day off during the week, have in large part, been there longer then the employees who have the Tues-Sat schedule.

    This is gonna be a cluster f%$k in regards to vacation and days scheduled off beings the bid was months ago. Most of the employees affected by the change are 5-9 year employees who are not capable of splitting there vacation up yet.
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    Oh, here it comes!
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    Get use to the term 'operational needs'. You've probably heard it used in the past, expect to hear it a hell of a lot more in the future. :biting:
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    more like operational greeds
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    There's a station that made a few senior employees (25+ years of service), take (4) 12 hour routes. They were livid, but this was/is a station that is supposed to close, in a few months. Bend over.
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    WOW, that's a bend over with no lube !!! :surprised:


    At our station, the shift change offer letter gave us only two options:

    1. Accept it
    2. Take a 90-day, un-paid leave to look for a position at another location
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    First I've heard of any shift change and offer letter.


    Uhum, management made everyone sign and return the letter after checking off our obvious selection.


    Here's a quizzer for everyone. If you are not "formally" assigned a route and you get hurt, or for some other reason, go out on Short Term Disability for longer than 90 days, can you be displaced? You're not really able to be displaced when there is nothing to displace you from, but then again, this is FredEx and we make the guidelines...sorry, "policies", as we go.

    Just curious.
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    Sounds as if you may have been considered 'displaced' (no assigned route) BEFORE you went out, therefore still 'displaced' upon return.
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    From what I've seen, if you're out 1 more day than 90, you no longer have a job at X. Whether or not you were formally assigned a rt.
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    The short answer is yes.
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    Refer to post #12