Scared my former Senior Managerat the mall.

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by FUFred, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. FUFred

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    This weekend I went to the Apple store to buy a new computer. As I was walking out, my former Senior Manager was walking in. He looked at me, seemed scared out of his mind, mumbled a few words to me, " hi, whats up" is all that I made out. He looked at me, like a little boy would if he was asking a girl to dance. He looked like he just crapped his pants. I said foxtrot uniform charlie kilo, yankee oscar uniform, alpha sierra sierra hotel oscar lima echo. Then made a fist at him, rocked my head back and forth, bit my lower lip, showing my teeth, like a dog does before it attacks. He said, "please don't" and walked the other way.
    The best part this is, Mr. Tough guy at work, Mr. I can do anything because I'm a SM, a little Hitler is what he is at Fedex, folded like a lawn chair.
    He is small 5'5- 5'6 maybe 140-150 pounds, I'm 6' 2 and between 235-245, depending if I've gone to the bathroom that morning. I'm not violent by any means, but I'm sure my reaction to him, cause him to go change his boxers.
    It was priceless.
  2. STFXG

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    Glad you feel tough. Are you in high school or are you an adult?
  3. CJinx

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    Enjoy that criminal threatening charge
  4. NonyaBiznes

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    Be careful. He may be in a "stand your ground" state.
  5. MrFedEx

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    Wish I could have been there. I probably would have just said the words and saved the threatening gestures to protect myself legally. Sorry, boys and girls out there, but playing "Nice-Nice" with FedEx gets you nowhere. Perhaps they need to start being a bit scared of us who still work there. Don't be threatening...just don't be "nice". Let them know you hate them... a glare might even be sufficient, or maybe that Charlie Manson look.
  6. hypo hanna

    hypo hanna Well-Known Member

    I would have said nothing at all and ignored him like any othe piece of trash. Why would you give him the satisfaction of getting an emotional response out of you?
  7. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    Agreed. Just another pseudo-medium fish in a very small pond.

    ​Ignore accordingly.
  8. Did you spell out the obscenity in all those words like you did up there? That would be an awkward insult.
  9. Weasels like that usually strive for the last laugh by going to the police. I'm sure he deserves a good kick in the pants, but hopefully your momentary satisfaction won't come back to haunt you. It may impact your job search, if you aren't otherwise employed that is. Good job though, it made me smile to imagine him there.
  10. vantexan

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    This thread does bring up a good point. How many mgrs are getting nervous about the position the company is putting them in with their employees?
  11. MrFedEx

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    Great point. How soon before someone throws a punch...or worse?
  12. vantexan

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    ​If the Post Office is an indicator...
  13. FUFred

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    When I was still " with the company " that very topic was brought up many times. How much longer can you back the dog up into the corner before it attacks.
    As far as my actions, I stick by them, never apologize and would do it again if given the chance. Call me a hot head, stupid, an :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: but thats me.
  14. Cactus

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    Good point.

    Look at Fred. He's got more bodyguards than ex-wives.
  15. overflowed

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    The ops are getting frightened. I mean giving letters for no other reason but someone a few thousand miles away telling you to is a recipe for disaster. Who do you think a fired employee will directly blame when they know it was a bullcrap letter or 3? I see their stress in the meetings. Shaking lips, uncontrollable leg movements, just all kinds of unusual fidgeting. They are telling us to do things that can't be done, but on the other hand tell us you'll get a letter if you don't.
  16. hypo hanna

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    Thats saying something!

    All kidding aside, I would hate to see anyone hurt over something as pointless as FedEx.
  17. MrFedEx

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    If Fred gets hurt, I'm OK with it. Anyone Mr. Smith deserves whatever comes his way. No tears will be shed by me.
  18. Nick9075

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    Where I come from most probably wouldn't even acknowledge you especially the more senior management. They dont want to be seen associating with people they consider less than or they act surprised if they see you at a more upscale place in an affluent area say in the western suburbs of Boston where the price of admission into any of the towns west of Boston is a 200, 000 income to buy a small starter home.
    In regards to apple products I still use a 2011 macbook air and ipad mini from last year
  19. Nick9075

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    Yeah these days any type of assault js stupid cameras everywhere, possible civi liability where you have a judgment on your credit report not to mention criminal charges
  20. The new catch phrase will be "Going FedEx" instead of "going postal" used to describe a crazy act.