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    I grew up in Ontario Canada and spent most of vacations as a youth in the USA.I remember as a kid they`d ask at the border,where ya from,we`d all say Torronna...they`d say,ok go on through and have a nice holiday.But things have changed a lot since then.Canada has become possibly the most multicultural country in the world.So I guess with illegal immigrants coming from the south, and since 911, possible terrorists from
    the north,I guess they had to tighten up security from every direction.
    I`m not bitter about it,but I think they should`ve taken into consideration us folks that have lived here since birth. We have always been Americanized from day one,and 99.9% of us are not terrorists.
    Anyways,our local cartoonist came up with this one and I thought it was funny.
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    It seems that you Canucks busted a ring of smugglers that charged upwards of 35 grand to smuggle people in from India into Canada, then into the states. Great going. You watch for us to the north while we build a fence to the south.

    I still think that if you cant/wont speak American, then send your ass back home, where ever home might be.