Seniority/Health Ins ???


I looked in the Union contract, and searched this sight, but still haven't quite gotten my answer.

It sounds like the health insurance kicking in is based on achieving "seniority". When does that happen? (for a pt loader/unloader)

I have a friend that hired two weeks ago that said (and I've read on here) that basic insurance kicks in after 34 working days (includes the 4 days for Cornerstone). But the HR person at the hub I toured said it was 30 work days, PLUS 8 weeks????? Could she have meant for full benefits including vision and dental?

I'm going to try to clarify it tonight at my 1st interview, but wanted to ask y'all too, since you've been very helpful.



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Your benefits go into effect 8 weeks from the Sunday after the week you gain seniority in. When you punch in on your 31st working day you have seniority. So it's approximately a calendar quarter (or three months) when you receive your medical benefits.( 6 months for vision, a year for dental.) Remember that if you miss five consecutive days during your benefit countdown period it starts all over again from that point, so try not to take a full five consecutive days off for any reason unless you absolutely have to or it will delay you receiving your benefits coverage.


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I doubt if I had five days off in my whole career, and you are telling him to be sure he doesn't miss five days in 6 months?