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    i work in the sort aisle and have more company seniority than 4 people up there, but they started in the aisle before me. They just cut me from the hono list which is what we do for the first hour before basin starts. The 4 people that started with the company after me are getting the hours over me. My question is to get the extra hours does it go by your company seniority or your area seniority??? does not seem right that i started with the company before them and they are getting the work. Also does anyone know where in the contract it discusses this????????
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    how long they've been in the sort aisle shouldn't matter...preload is preload. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but seniority goes by when you made book, not what area of preload you work in. If I move to small sort tomorrow, I would still have seniority over say, a guy in small sort for 3 years. So, you should be getting the extra time over the others. File a grievance.
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    What is a hono list? As long as you are qualified for that job the hours should be yours.
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    Hono is Hawaii. Ya i started with the company before 4 people in the sort aisle but they passed the test and were brought up into the aisle from loadside before me and they have more seniority in the area than me and are getting the extra work, which i do not think is right when i started with the company before them.
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    And, what's a 'basin' other than a receptacle for water?
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    In our center, seniority means absolutely NOTHING. Our Sup sends people home with less seniority because he does what he wants to do and the only people who get asked to go home are the unloaders. Ive been loading cars for 6 years and would like to do a different job, like unload feeders. NOPE! Not a bidable position. He trains people who unload feeders as Shifters, not the people who load cars and want to "shift". Back in the day, loading cars was a skilled position. According to mgmt, anyone can do it. If youre a good loader, youre never getting off loading cars at our center. File a greivance? Nothing happens. Only biddable positions for Preload in our center are scanners / clerks.
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    To the OP while you do get preference for hours, if they bid the position and you didn't you have no case. In fact, if you did know about the spot when it was available and asked for the spot yet didn't make any formal grievance charges, you have no case. If someone in there has been doing the early jobs for a while you can't bump them. The next time a position is up for you to get more time go after the spot. If your sup puts someone with less seniority than you in that spot grieve it and request pay for all the hours you've missed.
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    Talk to you steward or call your BA. File a grievance if you want the hours.

    I'm on the other side of the coin - I'm a PT unloader "here for the benefits" and I have told my PT & FT sup that I want to be the first to go based on seniority and hit 'em with a grievance anytime they let someone junior to me off the clock.
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    That's a grievable thing?!?!?!
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    I like to file grievances............................................just to piss my sup drives him up a wall!
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    nice! walk like....a penguin! lol
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    Plus, if you were hired in the summer, you may all have the same seniority date (1st day after the end of free period.) In which case seniority is decided by a coin flip.
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    You almost got me confused. Area seniority means building seniority. There is no seniority just for one position. It doesn't matter if they passed the test before you, as long as you're qualified to do the job - this isnt ft driving where your company seniority doesn't count. I would suggest you call your union hall and talk to the ba to clarify this, do not go to a shop steward because most of them don't know crap. After that, talk to your supervisor(s), if he continues to not listen, file a grievance.
  14. you aint even know it

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    Wrong. Company seniority goes by when you first started working at UPS - your first day at training. Area seniority which is the same thing as building seniority goes by when you first worked at the building.
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    you can try and make a big deal out of it but that doesnt always work. i had 1 guy try to take my pick off spot one time he had 4 more years than
    me at the time but management wouldnt budge and he went to the unload while i stayed at pick off.
  16. you aint even know it

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    Lucky that guy wasn't me. You would have been in that feeder truck slingin boxes.
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    When it comes to sending people home at the end of the day, senority has nothing to do with it. Senority rules when it comes to gaining hours, not losing them.
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    Not necessarily. My supplement has a clause on seniority which states: "Seniority shall prevail at all times." Coupled with a past practice of allowing the most senior workers to go home when staffing is being cut (which we have in my building), this would be a slam dunk grievance (especially if said senior employee let it be known to management that they wanted to go home/go home early that day) and I've gotten such grievances settled and adjusted numerous times.

    Personally, I don't like it because it leads to the most senior PT'ers squabbling over "who got to go home before me" and PT'ers not demanding their 3.5 hour guarantee drives me nuts on principle; but, to be fair, I also don't work a FT job during the day and don't have kids.